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The vacuum cleaner is increasingly trendy around the world. It is used in very many homes today and it is no longer regarded as an item of luxury but a very crucial necessity.

Online PR News – 14-November-2013 – Heinsdorfergrund, Sachsen – The vacuum cleaner is increasingly trendy around the world. It is used in very many homes today and it is no longer regarded as an item of luxury but a very crucial necessity. Cleaning homes and offices has never been easier than with the use of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has an air pump that creates a partial vacuum which sucks dirt and dust mainly from floors and any other appropriate surface. The device comes in different sizes and models and there are also different vacuum cleaner accessories. Some are small hand- held vacuum cleaners and run on batteries. Domestic central vacuum cleaners run on electricity and there are also some vacuum cleaners used for industrial purposes. Some are fitted into self-propelled trucks that help collect large dirt spills and also during removal of contaminated soil.
At California we offer you with a variety of vacuum cleaner accessories to ensure that your machine is working properly. Top on the list is the vacuum cleaner bag. Once you have bought a vacuum cleaner, you require a good bag to carry the collected dust and dirt. Our choices of vacuum cleaner bags are the tough and durable ones that promise you a long period of good service. Our bags are also stylish and will not be an eyesore inside your living room or in your compound because they are designed in such a way that they can be mistaken for additional decorations. At Kallefornia we stock a variety of bags from different manufacturers whose number currently stands at 39. The manufacturers of the vacuum cleaner bags in our store are specially chosen to ensure that the renowned brands are stocked. Talk to us at Kallefornia for the best vacuum cleaner bags and other vacuum cleaner accessories.
Modern vacuum cleaners are fitted with a brush that can either be electricity driven or air driven. The vacuum cleaner accessories that are air driven are cheaper than the electricity driven ones simply because they do not need wires connected to the sockets. However, at Kallerfonia we have an assortment of brushes to suit your financial needs. Whichever type of brush you want be sure to get in our store. We stock the brushes that vary in size, strength and value as well.
At California we also have hoses of different types. A hose pipe is an important vacuum cleaner accessory that needs to be available on every floor in case you have a multi storey building to ease the cleaning process. You do not need to carry the entire set of tools to every floor, get extra hose from our store.
Do you need an automatic dustpan? These important vacuum cleaner accessories are installed led in the kick space that is found under a kitchen for instance. It allows the person using the vacuum cleaner to use a standard broom to sweep dirt directly to the vacuum inlet there. A variety of these automatic dustpans are available at our store, just talk to us.
The above are just a few examples of the vacuum cleaner accessories that you will get at California. Many more are available.

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