ADORAtherapy Mood Boost™ Collection Pre-Launches on Indiegogo’s Crowdfunding Platform

Opus Gaia the innovative aromatherapy formulator is pre-launching the ADORAtherapy™ Mood Boost™ Collections on Indiegogo, the leading crowd funding platform.

Online PR News – 14-November-2013 – New York, NY – New York, NY, November 14, 2013 -- Opus Gaia the innovative aromatherapy formulator is pre-launching the ADORAtherapy™ Mood Boost™ Collections on Indiegogo, the leading crowd funding platform.

“With a campaign launching mid October and lasting forty five days, we hope to raise awareness of our products, learn consumer preferences and support our brand launch.” says Keiran McCann, ADORAtherapy’s™ Marketing Manager. “Everyone should consider a Mood Boost™, for themselves, a gift for the Holidays, to take to the office or on the road and share. This product line is the next wave in fragrance and beauty and offers the glitz and glamour of fashion and beauty brands with high grade, natural ingredients. With packages starting at $15 dollars for the signature ‘Adore Yourself™’ red bracelet and reaching up to $1500 for a custom scent creation session and private consultation with ADORAtherapy’s™ Founder & Chief Formulator, this campaign offers products for lovers of beauty and wellness products. We will offer these fun and exciting packages exclusively on Indiegogo.”

Each collection is exclusively launching on Indiegogo and includes:

Gal on the Go Mood Boost™

With seven Gal on the Go™ Mood Boost Sprays to choose from, the range includes:
Seductive, Beautiful, Smart, Balanced, Inspired, Awake and Peaceful. Packaged in a gorgeous white matchbox with a fabric pull, an ‘Adore Yourself’™ affirmation, and feminine illustrations of fashionable gals, this collection inspires you to smell great, feel great and be great™. This collection, available in 10 ml sizes, also includes matching Tshirts, mugs, tote bags and key chains printed with each Gal on the Go™.

Chakra Boost™

Whether you seek to create, enhance your yoga practice, enter a new relationship, communicate more effectively, or are pursuing peace and tranquility; you are sure to restore balance and harmony with these innovative, alchemical formulas. These formulas contain organic, wild-crafted or bio dynamic essential oils and absolutes with gem and flower essences with our trademark energetic infusion in a base of organic golden jojoba. Each of our seven formulations include: I Belong, I Feel, I Can, I Love,
I Speak, I See, I Am. Available in 10 ml size.

Good Mood Boost™

Our travel and office Mood Boost Sprays (formerly named Clear Away Essential Spray™) in our 120 ml size for the home and 10 ml size to toss in your car, purse, briefcase, suitcase or gym bag are a synergistic formula created with organic essential oils and diamond gem elixir for clarity & purification. The fresh and clean aroma can create a good mood in any environment. With top notes of Lemon, Grapefruit, Sage, Peppermint & Lavender this product’s benefits cleanse, refresh and revitalize.

Stress Free Boost™

Take the Tranquility & Rejuvenation of the Spa Experience wherever you go! Inspired by the tranquil waters of Bermudian paradise, our aromatic fusion is crafted with organic French, Bulgarian and Kashmiri Lavender, Bergamot, and Geranium essential oils. The Combo includes both the Bath & Body Oil and the versatile Spray. Available in 60ml oil and 120 ml spray size.

Passion Boost™

Indulge your sensual nature and experience more passion and zest for life. Our premium aromatic fusion is crafted from rare and exotic plant oils of sandalwood, neroli and jasmine. Combo includes both the Bath & Body Oil and the versatile Spray.
Available in 60ml Oil and 120 ml spray size.

“Our message of personal empowerment is ‘Adore Yourself’,” says Adora Winquist, Founder and Formulator, “our unique formulations deliver a tangible benefit: a powerful connection between scent and the limbic system and its intimate involvement with memory and the range of emotional response to change your mood anywhere, anytime.”

About Opus Gaia and

At ADORAtherapy™ we are passionate about clearing the way for every individual to experience his or her highest potential through the use of our aromatic blends-true tools for transformation. ADORAtherapy™ Smell Great. Feel Great. Be Great™. is considered to be the next evolution of aromatherapy bath, body and home care products. We create products from pure ingredients that support the growing trend toward natural, organic and eco friendly-supporting a healthier environment and a happier, healthier you.

EDITORS NOTE: To arrange to speak with Opus Gaia™’s Founder and Formulator, Adora Winquist, and for more information about Opus Gaia™ and, please contact Keiran McCann at, 917 -971-1664.

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