People2Avoid Introduces New Update Features

The Internet has made it easy to find a bad date report or to report a creep on sites such as People2Avoid, located on the web.

Online PR News – 18-November-2013 – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles, California Ė The Internet has made it easy to find a bad date report or to report a creep on sites such as People2Avoid, located on the web at . However, one report does not necessarily warn people that they are about to experience the worst date ever or that the person they are considering doing business with could be dishonest. Therefore, People2Avoid is introducing new update features to allow not only an eHarmony background check or consumer fraud reporting but also updating of existing profiles with new information.

When someone decides to report a weirdo or report a scam, he or she makes a single report then probably forgets the whole thing. Those who come along a year or two later may not even see these rip-off reports unless the content is refreshed periodically. For this reason, consumer fraud reporting and bad date reporting is much more effective when people can update profiles with new information on a personís location or activities.

People2Avoid allows anyone to report scam activity quickly and simply. Since People2Avoid only publishes profiles if more than one person reports activity about an individual, it is important that not only does everyone with knowledge of a personís activities come forward but also that those with updated information share their data so that others can avoid coming into contact with the same person and experiencing the same problems.

The new update features of People2Avoid will allow those who have complaints to update current information and will allow those searching for information to find the latest data on the subjects in question.

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People2Avoid is a convenient website where almost anyone can go in order to learn about people to avoid or to report a personís bad behavior. People2Avoid gives everyone a chance to share their information and verifies reports by ensuring that more than one person has reported the same activity. Those who are the focus of a People2Avoid profile also have a chance to rebut any information given about them by contacting the website.

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