Smoke Dampers Will Ensure Safe and Healthy Living for All, Says Lloyd Industries

Lloyd Industries Inc has a wide variety of Smoke Dampers for their customers. Various mechanisms are used in these dampers to stop spreading of fire and smoke.

Online PR News – 27-November-2013 – US – Foul smelling air inside the house or buildings will make people feel stuffy and makes the environment unhealthy. Kitchen air smells bad because different types of foods are cooked there. It is important that polluted and foul-smelling air is thrown out of the rooms and fresh air is allowed to come inside. Dampers and vents of different types ensure that buildings have enough fresh air and trapped moisture is thrown out. Quite a considerable numbers of accidents within buildings happen due to sudden onset of fire and people get injured and even die due to spreading of fire and smoke. Smoke Dampers are the devices that are installed within the air conditioning or ventilation systems and are used to prevent the spreading of smokes in the building when there is an outbreak of fire. Such devices are installed in the HVAC duct and when normal condition within a building/ room prevails, free air flow happens.

Lloyd Industries Inc has a wide variety of Smoke Dampers for their customers. Various mechanisms are used in these dampers to stop spreading of fire and smoke. “We aim at providing efficient devices that would ensure fire and smokes could not spread at all through the ducts. Hundreds of lives and properties costing thousands of dollars could be saved by using our dampers,” states CEO Lloyd Industries Inc. Smoke Dampers have actuators in them and when smoke is detected, a signal is sent to these actuators and air flow through the ducts gets stopped. Dampers can be manual too. In case of individual manual damper, the switch kept outside the duct has to be opened or closed for opening and closing the dampers. If Smoke Dampers are installed centrally i.e. in large buildings or commercial houses, operators use a single central button to close all dampers when there is an emergency.

There are dampers that have a gate. This metal gate or door closes when there is onset of fire and thus smoke exposure is reduced. As smoke exposure is limited, injuries due to smoke can be reduced to a great extent. As spreading of smoke is minimal, more people remain conscious and alert and injuries are the least. We are the leading manufacturer of various HVAC products and ventilation systems and have been serving customers for more than three decades with their high quality and cost-effective products. Smoke Dampers are rated as per their capacity to withstand specific maximum temperature. This capacity depends up on the material of damper and construction of the damper. The leakage rate is also a critical factor for Smoke Dampers. "We ensure full security for the people and property with a damper with lowest air leakage rates because we understand how importance it is for a house owner to ensure the foolproof security for the occupants and belongings,” says CEO of Lloyd Industries Inc.

Lloyd Industries has been an active manufacturer of fire dampers and H.V.A.C. products for over 30 years. To get more information on Fire Smoke Dampers, Brick Vents, Backdraft Dampers Log on to

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