Teleone Launches Everslim 20 - Herbal Weight Loss Product India

EverSlim 20 will destroy the extra fat.The results of the everslim20 will start showing its effects from the very first day you take it

Online PR News – 30-November-2013 – Delhi, Delhi – Everslim 20 - Herbal Weight Loss Formula

Too much body fat is a serious health problem that increases your risk for many health problems like obesity,diabetes. EverSlim20 has been designed for people who need to lose weight without any change in daily routine.EverSlim 20 will destroy the extra fat.The results of the everslim20 will start showing its effects from the very first day you take it. EverSlim20 will give the extra body fat speed your metabolism and dissolution or work immediately in order to suppress your appetite. Amazing thing about everslim 20 is that it has no side effects.

There are many slimming products in the market that aids bodyweight reduction.Some of these slimming products are specifically developed for the treatment of being overweight and have many side effects.

Everslim 20 features powerful South American ingredients proven for faster weight loss. The combination of Vijaysar, Nishoth and Kokkam helps to lose weight fat without any side effects.Among the many other ingredients involved in it there are couple of herbs originating from leaves,roots,seeds and much more.

Ingredients Used in Everslim 20 :

Each 1000 Gms Contains: Vijaysar [Pterocarpus Marsupium] - 25gm, Guggul [Balsamodendron Mukul] - 25gm, Nishoth [Operculina Turpethum] - 25gm, Harar [Terminalia Chebula] - 25gm, Behra [Terminalia Bellerica] - 25gm, Amla [emblica Officinalis] - 25gm, Saunf [Foeniculum Vulgare] - 25gm, Dalchini [Cinnamomum Zeylanicum] - 25gm, Sonth [Zinziber Officinalis] - 50gm, Chana Daal [Chick Peas] - 50gm, Rajmah [Kidney Beans] - 50gm, Arjun Chaal [Terminalia Arjuna] - 50gm, Kokkam [Garcinia Indica] - 100gm, Doodh Malai Rahit [Skimmed Milk Powder] - 100gm, Morat [Whey Protein] - 100gm, Takarpind [Casein] - 100gm, Soya Powder [Anethum Sowa Kurz] - 100gm, Jau Powder [Hordeum Vulgare] - 100gm

Benefits of using Everslim 20 - Herbal Weight Loss Supplement

1) Everslim 20 not only lose pounds but in addition inches.

2) Do not only make you lose weight but also supply you with all the nutrients which are needed by the body.

3) Lets you eat more of foods you like without having to bother about gathering more weight.

4) Proven to help you lessen additional nutrient absorption.

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