Dzine It, Inc. Points Out Mistakes That Must Be Avoided When Designing a Website

Manhattan-based website design expert says that there are five common mistakes that business owners should avoid when trying to create a successful website.

Online PR News – 03-January-2014 – New York, NY – One of the most important things to remember about designing a website for your business, according to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc. (, a leading New York website design and website development firm, is that the project should never be rushed because, according to Crisafi, a successful business website takes time to create.

“When it comes to the design and development of a business website,” Crisafi explains, “there are five mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. If you can recognize and avoid these mistakes, your chances of creating a successful website will increase dramatically.”

Mistake #1: Building Without Purpose. The purpose of your business website and your desired goals should be outlined from the very beginning, according to Crisafi who says that it is important to keep these goals in mind throughout the entire design and development process.

Mistake #2:
Complicated Navigation. “It is imperative that perspective clients and customers find what they need, in a timely fashion, through the use of intuitive navigation bars,” explains Crisafi. “It is important to avoid being too flashy or complicated. Instead, build navigation menus that are simple and to the point.”

Mistake #3:
Ignoring Responsive Design. These days most of your potential clients and customers are probably searching for you using a mobile device or tablet, according to Crisafi. So, he says, it is important that your website can be viewed and easy to navigate using any device. This is done, he says, through what is known in the website development industry as “responsive design.”

Mistake #4:
Ignoring the Basic Elements. “There are certain basic elements of a website that, if missed, could be disastrous,” says Crisafi. “This includes contact information on every page, an ‘about us’ section, and a FAQ page.”

Mistake #5:
Copying Your Competitor. According to Crisafi, your business website should never mimic that of your competitor. While you want may want to use your competitor’s website as inspiration for your own, Crisafi says that it is important to strive to offer something better and different, so that you can gain an edge.

“These are just a few examples of some common mistakes that we see cropping up out there,” explains Crisafi. “If you want to help your business grow its online presence properly, we suggest that you hire a professional website design firm to help you do the job and ensure success now and in the future.”

Established in 2003, dzine it, inc. is a leader in custom web development, programming and design solutions for small and large business, agencies. The company offers a wide range of business-centered visual communication solutions, including web-based content management, web design, graphic design, custom web software applications, website marketing (organic SEO), video encoding, and print media solutions. For more information, call 212.989.0813 or visit

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