Helios Creations Partners With Intrasound Products To Introduce Health Products

Helios Creations and Intrasound Products recently announced a partnership to introduce a line of health and personal care products.

Online PR News – 14-January-2014 – Houston/TX – http://kaolinclay.net - Helios Creations and Intrasound Products just announced a partnership to introduce a line of health and personal care products, designed to provide customers an all-natural way to look younger and feel better.

The initial solution from this new venture is the Kaolin Clay Energizing Powder. Clay items had been used by Native Americans and other ancient cultures and these people learned early on that clay has the all-natural capacity to harness constructive energy and hold it. This is a Natural Clay Item. Registered spiritual sacrament of the Nemhenhah NAC.

The principal goal of the Kaolin Clay Energizing Powder is to detoxify the body and get rid of negative energy from the body and the mind.

The Kaolin Clay Powder is made of 100% pure USP ingestible grade Kaolin Clay and is infused with all all-natural clay that delivers maximum benefits to customers.

Want An An Energy Increase?
If you happen to be searching for justa power enhance, this solution is our finest in that division.

Those who have experienced the benefits of Kaolin Clay find out that this substance can raise the vibrational level of the body which creates clarity and a heightened sense of well-being.

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Helios Creations
515 School Street, Houston , TX
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