Get The Girl Code: Review Leaks Sneak Peek Of The New Marni Kinrys Female Seduction Guide For Men

Get The Girl Code (GTGC), a new relationship program for men written by the world’s #1 Wing Girl, Marni Kinrys, has caught the attention of, prompting a scrutinizing review. Does GTGC really help men pickup, attract, and date any woman they want?

Online PR News – 21-January-2014 – Vancouver, WA – Get The Girl Code (GTGC), a new program claiming to teach men genuine and actionable ways to bring more women into their lives without pickup tricks or manipulation techniques has caught the attention of pro editor and lead reviewer for, Sterling Krosby.

"Get The Girl Code claims to give a man the 'secret code' to getting a girl swooning at the sight of him, making her weak in the knees, blushing and giggling at his wit, and begging to go home with him," reports Krosby. "While we think some of the marketing copy is a little hyped up and elusive with the hidden identity of ‘Miss X’, knowing this program has the potential to help a lot of men with one of their most pressing problems (how to attract and date women they actually want) was enough to get us curious about grabbing our own copy and reporting our findings in an analytical and detailed Get The Girl Code review."

Get The Girl Code claims to give a man the ‘secret code’ to getting a girl swooning at the sight of him, making her weak in the knees, blushing and giggling at his wit, and begging to go home with him...

Krosby’s Get The Girl Code review provides a sneak peek of the program, including many screenshots from within the member’s area, module by module breakdowns of the audio, video, and PDF content, answers to many of the most frequently asked questions guys have about the guide, and even consumer alerts about avoiding scams and protecting your purchase under the 60-day money back guarantee.

The GTGC review also reveals the identity of “Miss X” who is none other than Marni Kinrys, voted #1 Wing Girl in the world, who was also awarded the Greatest Dating Vlog, and who has been featured on Dr. Drew,, The Huffington Post,, Penthouse, Men’s Health, ABC Radio, The Jeff Probst Show, Loveline, and many other prime-time media outlets.

"In our experience, guys always want to improve their skills with women and Marni Kinrys’ Get The Girl Code definitely helps in areas such as approaching, starting and maintaining engaging conversations, building attraction, eliminating rejection, getting numbers and dates, and even escalating from flirting to sex," says Krosby. "In that regard it gives men all the tools they need to get good with women for a casual one night stand, serious relationship, or anything in between."

Get The Girl Code was released by Digital Romance, Inc., a popular and well-known relationship and dating advice company that teaches men and women how to use technology to enrich their lives. Digital Romance, Inc. is owned by Michael Fiore, best-selling author of Text The Romance Back, Text Your Ex Back, and The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You.

To learn more or to purchase Get The Girl Code, click here for the official website.

Krosby’s complete Get The Girl Code review can be found here:

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