Titanium Comics Releases Four New Comics This Year

Titanium Comics is a division Titanium Publishing, LLC. Titanium Comics will head the company's comic division and oversee the production and launch new comic books from its comic library.

Online PR News – 21-January-2014 – 1/20/2014, West Nyack, NY – West Nyack, NY Titanium Comics is a division Titanium Publishing, LLC. Titanium Comics will head the company's comic division and oversee the production and launch new comic books from its comic library.

The first of these new comics, Age Of Darkness Issue #1, was launched on October 31st to coincide with Halloween. The comic features a team of humans, kitted out with a huge arsenal of weapons, who battle demons, zombies and other unique creatures in a struggle to return the human race to its former glory. With Tokyo Pop's Road Song already under her talented belt, Age Of Darkness Issue #1 has been co-written, drawn and coloured by Joanna Estep and Leonardo Colapietro, coloured by Marco Pagnotta, with lettering by Crank, Created by Don McLiam.

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November has been our biggest month, as we released three of our comic series weekly throughout that month!

The first of these, launched on November 8th, is The Arcane Issue #1, again, created by Don McLiam, authored by Andy Wolfendon, writer of the hilarious 2002 PC and Gamecube game Darkened Skye. The Arcane Issue #1 is illustrated by Paolo D' Antonio, coloured by Marco Pagnotta and lettered by Crank. Set in the Wild West, occultist Josephus Arcane opens a portal through thegates of Hell to the throne room on Satan himself. Years later unaware of the titanic battle between the Devil and God and their father's true involvement, Joseph Arcane's descendants must use their dark powers finish the war with Lucifer.

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On November 15th, Titanium Comics launched their Futuristic Sci-Fi Epic Death Raye Issue #1. In a world 10,000 years into our future, famine and devastation set the stage to an ongoing war, and in the fight is a cocky eight-fingered, ray-gun-wielding soldier, who's fighting to change the balance...Her way. Death Raye Issue #1 is written by Massimo "Captain Max" Rossi with artwork from Pee "Joe" Zhenzhou, and lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

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The final launch of our 2013 comic season was on November 22nd. In The Fraternity Issue #1, one of the most respected instructors and members of an ancient and mystic secret society is accused of murdering one of the society's founders. Discredited and now hunted for this heinous crime, the instructor races to clear his name by exposing the one responsible. This comic has been co-written by Don McLiam and famed Canadian Mystery Author James Coggins. With artwork by duo Arielle and Nick Zamudio, colors by Steven Denoton and also features lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

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We have also attached a simple PDF Guide detailing information on these 2013 comic series releases and comic page images for your convenience.

Review copies of all of the comics are available upon request. We will also arrange interviews if you wish.

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