Introducing the Adreamcreation Professional Web Design Company London new website

After 3 years since the last revamp the Adreamcreation camp have announced a brand new website that is expected to turn a few heads.

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 – London – After 3 years since the last revamp the Adreamcreation camp have announced a brand new website that is expected to turn a few heads. Designers at the studios have carefully engineered and put together this new website, in mind with all the latest trends, doís and doníts of the website world.

So whatís new?

The site will be a complete revamp leaving only the branding as original. The layout will be completely rethought out. The original site was very boxy so they decided to open up the site and create no boundaries. The free flowing design should keep up with web 2.0 and other design ideologies. There introducing html 5 coding with very interactive pages. This should all help with the bounce rate of the site.

Every page of the Adreamcreation site has been carefully engineered and hand made so every aspect of the page is engaging and prompting someone to call. Whether you are at the top or at the bottom of the page there will always be an element of call to action.

Is that it? Or is there anything else?

Well the website is 100% responsive and easily accessed through different devices such tablets and mobile devices. The point of contact has been simplified so what ever the device they can easily call and access the site and make sense of it with out zooming in or out.

This Site is aiming to become a big hitter on the search engine hence tackling every aspect of the site to ensure maximum return.

Anything else?

Well after Adreamcreation announced the making of their own site and the in depth design and thought that is going to be put into the site. A lot of the clients want something similar. On that note Adreamcreation have introduced the Prestige Package as a way to tackle the demand. The Prestige Package tackles the higher end of the market with the design, engineering every page to entice those calls by lowering bounce rates.

So when is the launch?

Well the initial launch was supposed to be in January as it was announced on Facebook and other social platforms. Unfortunately with the refining of the project and adding a lot of changes and add-ons on the site they have decided to prolong it to February. Something worth waiting for I guess.

Letís see what the fuss is about on and can they keep up with the targets which they wish to tackle on 2014.

Contact Information
Atique alahi
Waterfront Studios 1 Dock Road, London E16 1AG
London London

0800 567 7583