Re-Grip Receives New Patent From USPTO

Re-Grip is ready to make a splash after it receives its patent from the USPTO.

Online PR News – 13-February-2014 – Lake Elsinore, CA – Re-grip, Inc. received its patent on January 14, 2014 from the United States Patent and Trademark offices and now can set its sights on tackling the huge tool and hardware market along with some other surprising vertical markets.

Re-Grip is a universal solution to applying a new handle grip. Significantly improving the few options on the market, Re-Grip uses strong, durable elastic material to provide mechanical and environmental protection while enhancing comfort for the user. It is ergonomic and reduces muscle fatigue while having non-slip properties for better control and safety. With its special patented design, Re-Grip is easy for anyone to install. The elastic grip is held extended by an inner coil, forming a tube that fits over the handle. The user simply pulls a tab at the bottom to unwind the coil, allowing the elastic grip to constrict and form around the handle.

It has been a lengthy process, but we are very excited to finally get our patent solidified

"It has been a lengthy process, but we are very excited to finally get our patent solidified," says Co-Founder and Co-Inventor Pat Roscopf. "This opens the door for a lot more opportunity on a global scale."

Re-Grip isn’t just creating a buzz in the household, but impacting big business as well. Who would have thought that replacing a simple grip could have such a big impact on a company’s bottom line? Repetitive motion, such as grasping tools, scanning groceries, and typing, resulted in the longest absences from work among the leading events and exposures—a median of 23 days (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). Add that to the impact of minor hand injures and we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that can potentially be minimized by proper hand grips. Enter Re-Grip…data has shown that applying Re-Grip to various handles and levers can help minimize risk and even have a positive impact on worker’s compensation claims. This is especially the case where these handles and levers are old, worn out, or have jagged edges that can cause injury. Items with molded hard grips on levers, presses, hand trucks, and various tools can have sharp edges or splinters and have the potential to cause injury. While Re-Grip can help facilitate in minimizing these injuries, it also adds comfort and ergonomics to assist with preventing repetitive motion disorders. A safety manger and/or inspector can spot a visual hazard and in seconds remedy it with a simple Slip, Zip, and Re-Grip (trademark Re-Grip, Inc. slogan). Re-Grip is simply one solution that companies can’t overlook. It is not every day that a product hits the shelves that can not only help employees be more comfortable and safe, but can actually have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line.

Though relatively new to the marketplace, Re-Grip has already established an extensive network that includes some of the largest distribution channels and retail outlets in the United States and Internationally. "We are growing exponentially and have huge plans for 2014 as our brand expands into more domestic and international markets," says Pat Roscopf. "All though we maintain a presence in a lot of verticals, we have a long ways to go to attain our goal and that requires a lot of product awareness and a keen marketing strategy." Well they off to a good start in 2014 adding some of the largest distributors in the automotive industry while winning a few awards along the way including a 2014 New Product of the Year award. "We really want to create more awareness for how our product is not just for comfort but offers a much larger value proposition for safety." I think it is just a matter of time before everyone is Slipping, Zipping, and Re-Gripping.

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Re-Grip, Inc. is a California-based corporation established in 2010. The company manufactures and distributes a patented mechanism that provides the user with an improved handle grip for any tool, lever, shaft or any cylindrical or semi-cylindrical object.

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