Dtmllandscape.co.uk Announces Hard & Soft Landscaping

DTML Landscaping often makes breaking news with their announcement of new concepts and offers which lead to a better, cost-preventive and excellent makeover of your landscaping Coventry beauty. This time, it has come with options of hard and soft landscaping.

Online PR News – 17-February-2014 – West Midlands & Coventry – The company hosted a party to unfurl their launch in a conference hall at the centre of the city. Opening the speech, the man at helm of marketing division said, “There are two distinct categories of landscaping – hard and soft. The hard stuff refers to paving, walling, edges, steps whereas soft means plantation from mixed shrubs to exotic trees. Making a fine balance between these two aspects is extremely important. At DTML Landscaping, everything from Garden design Coventry to synthetic turfing is done with extreme care, commitment and consummation”.

“Our professionals, who are trained in this niche and also have good amount of hands-on experience, know any mismatch between hard and soft aspect of landscaping can make or mar the look at plan application stage. The best part of working with us is our professionals will never let you down. They will always find an optimum and workable solution for you, with budget constraint being almost irrelevant”, he continued. Later at night, the design division head also echoed the same view, stressing more on how their hard and soft landscaping Coventry could leave positive impact on people’s living and future environment.

Most of the planning authorities are wising up to this significant aspect of landscape design. Both commercial and residential development will earn a lot of benefits from a little thought conjured for a separate landscaping plan during the application stage. It adds to overall look of landscape design. DTML Landscaping Coventry comprises of a team of landscaping architects who have already done residential and commercial gardening. “Most importantly, our landscaping work is sheared off high expenses though scrappy proceedings or output is what you are never destined to experience.

“The extent of detailing, however, varies from one scheme to another depending on our clients’ requirements. We always work with high-quality materials. In addition, we have earned name as a landscape gardener Coventry on strength of our crispy and customized design as per customers’ budget, preference and available space for gardening”, the design supremo added.

The Coventry-based landscape gardener is present online in form of dtmllandscape.co.uk. It has – as the name suggests – specialized in landscape designing and application. Offering a wider range of service including artificial turfing, stabbing, pond building, paving, full garden makeovers etc, the agency takes care of minute details of its every project and ensures the work is carried out with utmost care and professionalism. Their service is superlative in quality and inexpensive in price.

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