Claimat Releases Single Page App Design for Its RCM Software to Simplify Billing and Coding Process

Los Angeles, CA – February 18, 2014 – Claimat Inc., the provider of cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions, today announced the launch of Single Page App Design for its web-based Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software.

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – Clearwater – Los Angeles, CA – February 18, 2014 – Claimat Inc., the provider of cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions, today announced the launch of Single Page App Design for its web-based Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software. Claimat’s innovative, single page app design for RCM software will enable millions of healthcare service providers, medical billing companies, and institutions to simplify their billing and coding process. Premium software design will further reduce the technology costs of Revenue Cycle Management, expects the company.

Claimat RCM software is designed to cope up with the challenges faced by the healthcare service providers in handling the complex processes of medical billing and coding. It encompasses a comprehensive RCM solution, including Patient Portal, Scheduler, and Clearing House for medical billing, coding, insurance billing, and institutional and professional claims management. The software further aids in monitoring the ever-changing regulations, the latest coding standards, and medical billing reimbursement rules to facilitate efficient and hassle-free claims processing.

Now Claimat further simplifies the process of medical billing, coding and claims management by integrating single page app design to its web-based RCM software. This will help professional medical billers to have just a single page that deals with every aspect of Revenue Cycle Management in a quick and simple manner. This will save time and effort in clicking or waiting for several pages to load. Medical billers and coders can now get every component of the web-based Revenue Cycle Management right on one single page. This will help in effectively managing different elements simultaneously and also saves time in scrolling through different pages for different functions.

The medical billing process is complex than ever. The healthcare industry demands cutting-edge software that can simplify the process and minimize the costs. With Claimat’s unique web-based RCM software, medical service providers, billing companies and institutions don’t need to invest in complex hardware or up-front software that is expensive to install and maintain. With innovative and flexible single page app design, the price of success for healthcare business is dramatically lower. It helps the medical billers to manage the entire process effectively in one single page, simplifying medical billing and facilitating faster payments by patients and insurance companies.

Claimat Revenue Cycle Management software is an advanced web-based solution that encompasses accounts receivables management, claim denial management, financial analysis, comprehensive reporting, appointment scheduling, and medical billing. Healthcare service providers and billing companies are in a better position harnessing single page app design of Claimat’s RCM software to simplify navigation and speed up the process of medical billing, coding, and claims management. At the same time, Claimat makes its software less complex, ensuring ease-of-use and convenience. The key focus of strategic app design is to make the critical process of medical billing and coding a hassle-free and expedient experience for healthcare businesses.
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