New Jersey Author and Tax Specialist Celebrates Spending Wisely While Living Frugally

Brenda Hendrickson, CSA and author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth, talks about saving money and becoming a millionaire by living frugally in an article published on ExpertBeacon.

Online PR News – 19-February-2014 – Fairfield, New Jersey – -Why Frugal Is The New Sexy -

Fairfield, New Jersey – Brenda Hendrickson, CSA, author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth, was recently published on ExpertBeacon.

Her article, “Save Money and Spend Wisely—Become a Millionaire by Living Frugally,” details the Dos and Don’ts to living a successful frugal lifestyle.

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Brenda is a published author, a tax specialist, a Quick Books pro, an advisor, the owner of an accounting firm and a certified senior advisor (CSA) with a Certificate in Financial Planning. Since the book was first published, she has held numerous book signings and is a keynote speaker at organizations, associations and colleges. She has received testimonials on how her strategies have enabled her readership to accumulate wealth. To learn more about Brenda, go to:

The CSA designation was created to meet a unique need in the marketplace – knowledge about the health, social and financial issues of aging that are important to the majority of seniors, so that professionals who serve seniors can do so in a more competent, ethical and effective manner.


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