Australian Catering Equipment Supplies now supplies Quality Smallware!

Commercial cooking equipment has to be complimented by quality commercial cooking ware and accessories to make food really stand out!

Online PR News – 23-February-2014 – Georges Hall – Commercial cooking equipment has to be complimented by quality commercial cooking ware and accessories to make food really stand out! Acknowledging this, Australian Catering Equipment has now teamed up with Tomkin Australia and Trenton International to supply quality service ware to the hospitality industry.

We now provide service

ware in the following categories:

Bake-ware: For all baking needs including moulds, whisks, baking sheets, baking tins, oven mitts, cake decorating implements, rolling pins etc.

Restaurant cooking equipment yearns for a quality complimentary bake-ware to make great food!

Buffet-ware- For all your self-serve needs from dispensers, chafing dishes (an inserts) to signs and serving spoons suitable for self-serve. We have a massive range at the best prices.

Cookware: Pots, pans, woks, fry-pans, stockpots all in various materials and for every size requirement we have it all!

Crockery: Commercial crockery, porcelain ware and elegant melamine and stone ware make up our rich collection. This crockery is not only ultra-durable but incredibly well priced to suite any budget.

Cutlery: No restaurant can go without cutlery; it speaks volumes and can instantly change the perception of a discerning diner! With a huge range to suite every need and budget you cannot go past our range of premium cutlery.

Kitchenware: From a squeeze bottle to a bottle opener to a thermometer, any need a chef may want in the kitchen is met! Check out our website for the incredibly wide range of utensils we supply that come with a incredibly small price tag!

Drink-ware: From coffee and tea-cups and saucers to tumblers, pitchers and glassware, the widest range of commercial quality drink-ware is now available through Australian catering equipment Supplies.

Knives: Every kitchen MUST have great knives and now with the vast IVO range of commercial knives you can get just that!

Gastronorm Pans- Australian catering equipment supplies now stocks and supplies the widest range of quality gastronorm service and kitchenware. Be it stainless steel or polycarbonate, we have all sizes all under one roof.

Commercial cookware and smallware is not only suitable for restaurants and food shops, any conscientious foodie who cares about using the very best equipment to make the very best foods can make use of the vast range of over 6000 items we supply.

Check out our range today at and be prepared to be amazed!

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