New Brain Scan May Stop Alzheimer's Disease Reports MMT

A special functional MRI called the MentScan may be the key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Online PR News – 27-February-2014 – Ridgefield, CT – Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating brain disease which causes memory loss, confusion and eventually death. The emotional toll on families as they see a loved one slip away is an enormous tragedy. The associated health care costs of hundreds of billions of dollars is staggering and growing yearly. More than 1 in 3 seniors dies from Alzheimer’s. Once patients develop symptoms of memory loss or confusion it is almost impossible to treat effectively. So what might be the solution?

Millennium Magnetic Technologies or MMT believes their new MentScan and screening for Preclinical Alzheimer’s is the answer to stopping Alzheimer’s disease in its tracks.

A diagnosis of Preclinical Alzheimer’s means that brain changes are just beginning and can potentially be reversed or stopped. Therefore we strongly encourage physicians to add the MentScaan for screening of at-risk populations.

MMT has exclusively licensed a patented approach to functional MRI called the Cognitive Engram and is now offering the MentScan. “The MMT MentScan is able to identify the earliest, smallest changes in a special area of the brain where Alzheimer’s disease first appears- before there is memory impairment and before the patient feels any changes in thinking” indicated Dr. Steven Levy, CEO of Millennium Magnetic Technologies. “A major issue with Alzheimer’s treatment is that when symptoms actually appear the beta amyloid deposits and damage to neurons may be well established throughout the brain. Using the MentScan we are able to detect the initial warning changes so that action can be taken early. An analogy would be finding a cholesterol plaque on the coronary artery before the patient has a heart attack. By checking for risk factors associated with myocardial infarction, we can potentially stop further development of the plaque and the occurrence of a heart attack. “

Dr. Donald Marks, Chief Science Officer and founder of MMT, continues, “There are a number of therapeutic approaches that can slow or potentially prevent Alzheimer’s disease from developing. It’s important that patients understand that there are steps they can take to help themselves and their families. Preclinical Alzheimer’s means precisely that Alzheimer’s has not yet been diagnosed. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s requires specific testing to establish certain memory difficulties and impairment of cognitive function. A diagnosis of Preclinical Alzheimer’s means that brain changes are just beginning and can potentially be reversed or stopped. In just the last few years progress has been made and new treatments are being validated to help stop the progression of Preclinical Alzheimer’s. The take home message is that early diagnosis is the key to benefiting from these new available approaches. “

“In addition to patients being made aware of the value of the MMT MentScan to check for Preclinical Alzheimer’s, it’s important that physicians put the MentScan in their bank of screening tests” suggested Dr. Levy. “Physicians are always screening for pre-disease. Even a simple thing like checking blood pressure is a screening test- screening for a measurable change in the body that is associated with serious future outcomes like stroke or heart attacks. Doctors screen for various cancers with imaging studies and have moved past the direct physical exam of patients- think of mammograms that can save lives and improve the quality of life by catching a tumor when it is extremely tiny. Patients at risk for Preclinical Alzheimer’s may include those over age 50 , those with parents or siblings who developed Alzheimer’s and those with certain genes that increase the chances of Alzheimer's. Therefore we strongly encourage physicians to add the MentScan for screening of at-risk populations. “

Information on the MentScan can be found at Millennium Magnetic Technologies is also offering the study on the Medstartr crowdfunding site under “MentScan to detect Pre-Alzheimer’s Disease”.

Millennium Magnetic Technologies or MMT is a "thought imaging" company. They hold the license to a patented multivoxel fMRI pattern recognition technology called the Cognitive Engram. This can be used in several ways including diagnosis of PreClinical Alzheimer's disease and cognitive impairment; documentation of physical pain in patients for physicians or for attorneys and the legal profession engaged in personal injury cases; documentation of fibromyalgia; evaluation of deception and truthfulness; assessment of facial and picture recognition; memory recording for archival or potentially therapeutic use. Dr. Levy is CEO of MMT and can be reached at 203-423-9494 or emailed at or through the website

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