Mastic Beach Woman Bounces Back From Brain Tumor Thanks To Surgery With Dr. Elizabeth Trinidad

Mastic Beach mother of three Nichole Martin knew something was wrong in October 2011, when she suddenly had trouble walking and talking, and developed a headache, dizziness, and memory problems.

Online PR News – 05-March-2014 – Rockville Centre, NY – "Everything looked like 3D," she said. "The room was spinning."

She went to the emergency room at Brookhaven Hospital, where they admitted her for tests. An MRI showed that she had a large mass pressing on her brain stem and cerebellum.

The emergency physician knew Ms. Martin would need surgery, and knew just the person to perform the delicate operation: Elizabeth M. Trinidad, M.D., a highly skilled surgeon specializing in pediatric neurosurgery and adult neurosurgery, affiliated with the Neurological Surgery, P.C. private practice.

"When Dr. Trinidad entered the room, I knew I was in good hands," said Ms. Martin. "She came in with a big smile, which I found very comforting. She showed me that she is not just a surgeon, but a kind person."

I will always be thankful to Dr. Trinidad. She made it possible for me to continue with my life.

Dr. Trinidad reviewed Ms. Martinís test results, and determined that she had a cystic lesion in the back of her brain. This type of growth, while generally benign, can cover large areas of the brain, affecting numerous bodily functions and even causing death. In Ms. Martinís case, the tumor part of the growth was near her brainís surface, but the cystic component was large and extended down to her brain stem.

"This would have continued to grow if we didnít remove it," said Dr. Trinidad. "It may have even affected her ability to breathe and proven fatal."

Dr. Trinidad determined that she should operate as soon as possible, and scheduled Ms. Martin's surgery. Because the lesion touched on areas of the brain that control vital functions, she used sophisticated neuronavigation systems and a microscope to guide the delicate operation.

A few hours later, Dr. Trinidad knew the operation was a success: the entire tumor and cyst were removed.

"Ms. Martin was fortunate that she came in when she did," said Dr. Trinidad. "The cystic component had gotten quite large, and it needed to be removed."

Dr. Trinidad explained that this type of growth can go undetected for many months to years, with no symptoms.

"The body compensates until the growth reaches a certain point, then symptoms progress rapidly, as they did with Ms. Martin," she said.

Three-plus years later, Ms. Martin has continued to be monitored, first getting MRIs every three months, then every six months, and now once a year. She has not had a recurrence.

"She may be 'out of the woods' at this point," said Dr. Trinidad. "She is doing very well."

"God sent me an angel," said Ms. Martin. "I will always be thankful to Dr. Trinidad. She made it possible for me to continue with my life."

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