Beltaway Unveils the BeltaPouch, a Comfortable Alternative to a Purse

Beltaway, the company known for its adjustable stretch flat belts, has announced the unveiling of the BeltaPouch, a stylish, comfortable carry-all.

Online PR News – 19-March-2014 – New York – Lynbrook, NY: Beltaway, the company known for its adjustable stretch belts, has announced the unveiling of the BeltaPouch, a stylish, comfortable carry-all. The portable removable pouch easily attaches to a Beltaway and can hold all the necessities one needs on the go.

The BeltaPouch replaces cumbersome pocketbooks, purses, backpacks, messenger bags and that unsightly fanny-pack of old. It frees the hands so wearers can carry everything they need without burden. Made of easy-to-clean black or blue vinyl, the BeltaPouch is the perfect size for stashing a cell phone, car keys, passport, credit card, gym pass, headphones and other necessities, and because it attaches securely to a Beltaway or most other belts, wearers never have to worry about misplacing or losing their belonging when out and about. The perfect accessory for both men and women, BeltaPouch mixes style, utility and comfort in one easy-to-wear package.

The BeltaPouch is designed to be paired with Beltaway stretch belts and can easily be attached to a Beltaway, even when already wearing. This makes the BeltaPouch especially convenient for people who are constantly on the go. Its easy on easy off design makes traveling through security a breeze.

The BeltaPouch is offered in two different colors: black and navy. The black is a great neutral and goes with just about anything. When paired with denim, the navy BeltaPouch blends in with your jeans.

With the announcement of the BeltaPouch, Beltaway has marked their first departure from only belts to their second major product offering. The BeltaPouch builds on the popularity of the Beltaway and offers those who use those belts another reason to love them.

The BeltaPouch can be purchased directly from or on the Beltaway website (

About the Company

Based out of Lynbrook NY, Beltaway is a comfortable, adjustable stretch belt that offers support without creating an unsightly bulge. Available in many colors, there is a Beltaway for every outfit and occasion. BeltaPouch is the latest offering from Beltaway, and it has the same level of style, comfort and utility as the much-loved belt.

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