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Salvia divinorum is a green soft-leaved natural plant that grows in the wild, mainly in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Online PR News – 20-August-2009 – – Salvia divinorum is a green soft-leaved natural plant that grows in the wild, mainly in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The herb salvia is also known as Lady Salvia, Ska Pastora, Sally-d, Sage of Seers or Diviners Mint. The salvia plant is a very strange and unconventional plant that has psychoctive effects when taken and has been smoked by Mexican shamans for many years for divinatory purpose and also for spiritual healing, there it is known as pipiltzintzintli. Its active ingredient is salvinorin A which is the main active psychotropic constituent.

Salvia was usually consumed in infusion or chewed giving a state of relaxation for hours, but in recent times it is smoked, usually in pipes or bongs. When smoked, the effect is almost immediate and lasts a few minutes and the effects can be more like daydreaming and can alter the experiences of what is happening around the taker, which can be known as a Salvia Trip.

Salvia can also be consumed as an extract in concentrates usually categorized by: x5, x10, x15 and x20, taken this way salvinorin A can be a very powerful substance. Salvia is now known as a legal high as it is not yet illegal in the UK or whole of the USA, but many US states are beginning to outlaw it, the latest being Nebraska and the DEA has listed Salvia as a drug of concern and is currently in the process of researching Salvia more.

Despite Salvia being regularly taken by many users, so far there have been no known cases of addiction, this has been further researched in the August issue of Scientific American, that states that salvinorin A binds mostly to only one type of receptor in the brain, and does not significantly bind to those receptors that could lead to addiction Potential medicinal uses of Salvia Divinorum have been said to include treatment of headaches and nausea.

Salvia Divinorum can be purchased and used legally in the majority of US states and countries all over the world, and is available widespread on the internet with many hundreds of websites selling Salvia Divinorum leaves and Salvia Divinorum extracts. Salvia is know to be one of the most potent 'legal highs' and is known as the most powerful hallucinogenic plant in the mint family.

Salvia Monster stocks a wide range of Saliva products such as salvia leaves and salvia extracts as well as a range of other legal highs, however, Salvia is still the most potent and naturally occurring hallucinogen known.

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