Mugshot Removal Services at Record High Levels

Mugshot removal companies are working hard to help people have a clean slate.

Online PR News – 18-April-2014 – Miami, Florida – Online mugshot publication has shocked the nation and cause a lot of controversy, mugshot removal services are in high demand and a service that is needed now more then ever, a public relations representative at explains why “It’s the worst moment of your life. You’ve been placed under arrest and hauled down to the police station, where you are processed into custody: fingerprinted, photographed, and finally locked in a jail cell. Luckily you’re innocent of the charges against you. Your lawyer gets you out on bail, and manages to have the charges dropped. Its extremely embarrassing and people don’t know where to turn. But later you are shocked when the mugshot taken during that worst moment begins to circulate on the Internet. A mugshot website got your records and posted them. Even though your case is closed, your reputation is suddenly at stake. It’s a humiliating situation.”

Fortunately a new industry aimed at helping people clean their online reputations as emerged and offers people a clean slate.

Over the past 3 years mugshot removal services like have developed removal strategies to help people remove their arrest photos and information from Google and the other major search engines.

Allan D.,’s customer service manager explains why these photos cause so much harm, “Friends and relatives, current and future employers: anyone could potentially find your mugshot and arrest records on the Internet, long after your case was resolved in your favor. The damage done to your reputation may be irreparable. The people affected by what gets posted to mugshot sites may feel powerless; that they have no way of fighting back.”

The number of websites that profit by posting mugshots and arrest records has proliferated in recent years. Sites with names like and get their material under the Freedom of Information Act, and some even insist they are performing a public service. According to published reports, mugshot site operators use programs to collect information from police websites all around the country, and upload them without verifying whether the charges have been dropped or dismissed. Efforts to rein them in have met with some success, but the battle is far from over. The industry started in 2010 with a site called Florida’s open public record laws made it easy for the site to collect millions of booking photos and display them on the site. What makes these mugshot websites unique is their ability to use search engine optimization (SEO) to have the records show prominently in the search engines.

In 2013 Google and credit card companies tried to take a stab at the industry and put it out of business. According to the New York Times, Google changed their algorithm to make mugshot records less relevant and thus making them appear lower in the search results. At the same time credit card processors refused to service the mugshot websites making it impossible for people to pay them to remove their photos. Allan from explains how these changes made it even worse for people with online mugshots. “Before the credit card processors shut down the mugshot sites payment options people had a way to remove their mugshots, granted they had to pay the site who put it up and it may not have been ethical, but when the credit card companies took away the mugshot sites payment options it made removing mugshots much more expensive and difficult for people. It really made things much worse for people.”

Sites like offer removal services starting at $499.00 and going up to several thousand dollars. The company also offers monitoring and privacy services to individuals looking for ongoing protection.

It remains to be seen what 2014 will bring for this new and controversial industry. is an online privacy and reputation management firm that specializes in mugshot removal and online brand management. The company was founded in 2010 and is a global leader in mugshot removal.

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