UK Car Discount Celebrates 10 Years Of Delivering New Car Deals in the UK

UK Car Discount is celebrating 10 years of delivering discounted new cars in the UK.

Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – Manchester, UK – UK Car Discount recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary as one of the UK’s largest internet new car dealers.

Since it’s in inception in 2003 the company has delivered approaching £100 million pounds in brand new car deals. From small relatively low cost entry-level vehicles to high-end luxury vehicles the company has managed to deliver to a large and diverse range of satisfied customers.

"In our 10+ years we’ve seen other online dealers come and go through the hard economic times but we’ve managed to keep a full sales book which we put down to our first class customer service and excellent savings giving our customers as much as 30% in discount," said MD Brian Bennett.

"At UK Car Discount you won’t find any car dealership cliches, there’s no fast talking sales person or high pressure sales, we just offer a top class, knowledgeable service when customers need it and let the excellent savings do talking!"

New car trends and car buying habits have changed dramatically in the last ten years since UK Car Discount sold its first new vehicle. The average price of a new car sold back then was in the region of £15,000, however demand in recent years has moved towards smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, with a large number of small cars being sold at around £12,000-£13,000. New car buyers are being attracted by the drastically reduced running costs that these new cleaner and more economical cars offer. Small cars and the super-mini class of vehicle has thrived with Britain’s best-selling new car the Ford Fiesta the biggest seller.

As manufacturers develop new technology and smarter ways to build new cars we are seeing lighter vehicles with more efficient engines plus the additional of clever technology like stop/start systems. The result is generous gains in fuel economy plus lower CO2 emissions. The trend for diesel powered cars has bucked somewhat in the last 12-18 month with a wave of new cars powered by more efficient petrol engines like Fords Ecoboost technology.

On top of the mainstream petrol and diesel engines there is off course the emergence of hybrid powered vehicles. Toyota is leading the UK market at the moment in this sector with the flagship new Toyota Prius and they also offer the new Auris Hybrid which is about as close as you can get to a Prius but a less costly alternative. Of course full electric vehicles are slowly making strides and we fully expect in the next 10 years to see a lot more of them on the roads as the technology is further improved.

UK Car Discount is one of the UK's leading online new car dealers, established since 2003 we have sold nearly £100 million in brand new cars to satisfied customers.

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