Capital Workwear Adds New Personal Protection Kit to its Range of Products

Capital Workwear, one of the UK's leading retailers of work clothing and safety equipment, have made the novel move to now offer a so-called Personal Protection Starter Kit.

Online PR News – 23-April-2014 – Aylesford, Kent – Capital Workwear, one of the UK's leading retailers of work clothing and safety equipment, have made the novel move to now offer a so-called Personal Protection Starter Kit.

This kit is great for those starting work in a potential-risk environment, where protection from noise, falling objects, cuts, and debris, can be an issue.

Plenty of people are now taking up roles in new jobs as the economic crisis begins to falter, and as such a lot of workers are needing to invest in their own protective clothing if their employer does not offer such clothing as standard.

Many may have never worked in a job where such hazards are present before, and so may not own any of these items.

The Personal Protection Kit is therefore ideal for starting a new job in a building or construction job, or just for someone getting started in DIY at home.

The pack has been well thought out to ensure value for money while offering superb protection for almost any role.

Priced at just 14.99 +VAT - and available in sizes, at time of writing, from Medium to 2XL, this pack is suitable for most people and affordable for all. It contains:

White Hard Hat
Manufactured by industry recognised Proforce, a hard hat is a must for any job which involves a visit to a construction site or where building work is involved.

Safety Goggles
When working with cutting equipment, drills and in manufacturing, it's often the case that debris can be an issue - the last thing you want is for a strand of metal or wood to end up in your eyes - and so goggles are included for your safety.

Ear Defenders
Working with machinery and manufacturing equipment, drills and other tools can cause loud noise to be an all-day occurrence. If you're working regularly in a noisy environment then Ear Protection is required to prevent long-term hearing issues later in life.

Rigger Gloves
Comfortable gloves with high grip and thick padded protection are vital for those working with tools, especially cutting equipment where a stray blade or knife can cause injury. Keep safe by wearing Rigger Gloves, which are also included.

Face Mask
Working with cutting tools and manufacturing equipment can result in a high level of dust in the air - breathing in these sort of conditions can be harmful both short term and long term; so keep safe with 4 dust masks which are also included.

Disposable Boiler Suit
Last but not least is potentially the most important item of the lot - the boiler suit - allowing you to work in comfort, with full body protection from spillages, stains, dirt and grease - with elasticated hood and cuffs, it's comfortable to work in too.

Six different items of safety protection for under 15 is difficult to compete against - and if you're starting a new job in a manufacturing or construction environment, or just want to get started with a bit of DIY - then the Personal Protection Starter Kit from should be perfect for you.

Capital Workwear, part of the Capital Online group, are one of the UK's leading suppliers of work clothing and safety equipment for the workplace. Personalised printing and embroidery is also offered for most items of clothing.

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