Learn How To Design Tradeshow Exhibits As Marketing Tools At Free Seminar From Skyline Montreal

Skyline Montreal is hosting a free seminar on how to design a trade show booth or tabletop display that doubles as a marketing tool. The free event takes place on May 1 at Hotel Plaza Quebec in Quebec City.

Online PR News – 30-April-2014 – Lachine, QC, Canada – LACHINE, QC, CANADA - Skyline Exhibits is offering a free seminar on May 1 entitled "Exhibiting in 2014: How to Perform?" The seminar is suitable for exhibitors who want to incorporate technology and promotions into their tradeshow exhibits. The event is hosted by Skyline Montreal at Hotel Plaza Quebec, 3031, boulevard Laurier, Quebec City, (Quebec) G1V 2M2, and runs from 9:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. Although the event is free, registration is requested. register here.

The seminar will be divided into two parts. The first part of the morning will be devoted to:

We offer these seminars as a way to help exhibitors avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on the latest trends.

• In-booth technologies and how to use them to your advantage and make a trade show booth or tabletop display stand out.
• How to make the most of social media in trade shows.
• Promotions and activities not to be neglected.

The second part of the morning will focus on designing exhibits as marketing tools. The emphasis will be on:
• Focusing the marketing message to establish clear communications.
• Matching marketing objectives with booth functionality.
• Shifting unproductive operating costs into productive areas.

"This is a new seminar for us and it covers subjects that exhibitors often neglect, but that are important if they want to give visitors an added value when visiting their booth. Social media, for example, is something many exhibitors don't think of using at a trade show. However, it's an effective, low cost marketing tactic that really helps create a momentum that carries over long after the trade show concludes," said Christine Leroux, Marketing Coordinator at Skyline Montreal (www.skylinemontreal.com).

Skyline Montreal works with their clients to design exhibits that are eye-catching from afar and engaging up close. The trade show booth design company places a great deal of emphasis on designing booths that are functional for the exhibitor yet create connections with the exhibit's visitors, conveying favorable impressions of the exhibiting company and brand.

"There is a lot of thought that goes in to designing an effective exhibit. Anyone can pull together something to set up at a trade show event. But if the booth isn't effective at drawing in an audience, time and money has been wasted. We offer these seminars as a way to help exhibitors avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on the latest trends," explained Ms. Leroux.

The May 1 seminar is one of three free events that Skyline Montreal is hosting this spring. On June 5, the company will present a seminar on trade show booth success and staffing trends. That seminar will be held in French in the morning and in English in the afternoon. Learn more about Skyline Montreal's upcoming seminars at: http://www.skyline.ca/seminars.

About Skyline Montreal: Skyline Montreal offers 20 different trade show exhibit systems to match any size and budget, ranging from small table top displays to large walk-through island exhibits. The company designs and manufactures exhibits and serves as a marketing resource to their clients. Skyline Montreal credits their seminar programs with helping their clients achieve success at trade shows and exhibiting events.

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