Barbed Arrow, Inc. Creates Dynamic Gaming Universe in 'Grand Arena of Serndall'

Valgaard, the gaming universe for “The Grand Arena of Serndall” provides a rich and dynamic environment for players both now and in future releases

Online PR News – 01-May-2014 – Kitchener, Ontario – As players enter the world crafted for “The Grand Arena of Serndall” they will find themselves in a land with a rich and varied history. Valgaard is a land divided on many levels, and players must negotiate with situations caused by these divisions as they make their way through Serndall.

First, the very land itself is split from east to west by The Dulverg, a great mountain range running from coast to coast. For hundreds of years any trade between the elves in the north and the humans in the south required a dangerous and lengthy journey through the mountains. With access to the sea limited due to the steep cliffs of the peninsula, trade goods, especially slaves, were very expensive.

To solve this problem the elves and humans sought the aid of the dwarves, who carved a great pass through The Dulverg and created the city of Serndall at the midpoint, providing a safe passage for trade between Hythalion in the north and Atheria in the south. Once the passage was complete the humans and elves turned on the dwarves, driving them from their mountain homes, killing most of them and forcing the survivors to flee to the east into the land of the orks. Here the dwarves live yet today in a begrudging alliance with the orks, both races deeply suspicious of the humans and elves.

Trade now flows safely between north and south, with slavery underpinning the economy of both races. The Order of the Ebon Circle protects the trade routes from raids by the members of the Crimson Legion, rebels from the Free Nations who seek to bring an end to slavery in Valgaard. Battles take place throughout the land, one side seeking to protect the way of life the people have known for generations, and the other seeking to end a reign of terror and oppression.

The player is thrust into this environment in the City of Serndall, where people from all races mingle under the watchful eye of the Sern, a mysterious tribe of humans who keep firm control over the city. Players must negotiate their way between currents of racial and political tension, making cautious alliances and being alert for dangerous enemies.
The lands of Valgaard, the universe of “The Grand Arena of Serndall”, will offer players challenges requiring strength, cunning, and intelligence. Success will come to those who can find their way through the intrigues the land and the city offers, and having overcome all opponents, raises high the banner of Champion of the Arena.

Barbed arrow, Inc. is the developer and publisher of online social games. Grand Arena of Serndall, their first product, is scheduled for release in mid-2014.

Who? Barbed Arrow, Inc. That’s us.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered north of the border in Kitchener, Ontario (internationally known for the biggest Oktoberfest celebration in North America – cool, huh?), Barbed Arrow is a fledgling independent developer and publisher of multi-platform online games.

Barbed Arrow was founded on two three cornerstones: our mutual disinterest and distaste in most of today’s games, some theories and conceptual plans of how to make better games, and… beer.

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