Yeturu Proud to Announce Aloe Vera Slim & Fit Juice for Weight Loss

Yeturu Aloe Vera Slim & Fit is a natural slimming supplement which has been launched recently under the brand name Yeturu in India by Yeturu Biotech Limited.

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – Yeturu Aloe Vera Slim & Fit is a natural slimming supplement which has been launched recently under the brand name Yeturu in India by Yeturu Biotech Limited. The company’s main aim is to make finest aloe vera products with the highest content of 100 % pure aloe vera gel for best results.

Slim & Fit is a Aloe Vera based natural slimming supplement that helps the body to shed excess fat tissue naturally and assist in stimulating the body`s metabolism to burn energy more efficiently. Unlike slimming formulas this juice does not decrease energy levels but helps to keep you healthy and active throughout the day. The high content of pure Aloe Vera gel in the formulation helps absorb the ayurvedic extracts faster for better results.


80% Aloe Vera and other 20% include Asana, Guggulu, Vrikshamala : are powerful herbs that exert influence on the production of the cholesterol. They influence the body to burn the extra carbohydrates more efficiently reducing triglycerides and cholesterol. They help control blood sugar also. Triphala: is a powerful antioxidant and has blood and liver cleansing properties. Green Tea, Honey, Shilajit: help reduce cholesterol and in the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Aloe Vera is one of the most important plants used in ayurveda and also called as the ‘miracle herb’. For thousands of years ayurvedic practitioners have used Aloe Vera to treat a wide range of diseases. Yeturu products are the synergy of goodness of nature combined with the essence of ayurveda and the knowledge of science. It is said that no other plant in nature provides as many benefits as aloe vera, as it contains more than 200 constituents including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, salicylic acid, sugars and etc.

Other products from Yeturu include:

• Yeturu Aloe Vera Dia-Health
• Yeturu Aloe Vera Kumari Swarasam
• Yeturu Aloe Suraksha Multi-Purpose Gel
• Yeturu Aloe Suraksha Anti-Septic Healing Cream
• Yeturu Aloe Suraksha Muscle Rub

Use Directions: recommend to drink 30 ml in the morning on empty stomach and 30 ml right before bed time for maximum benefits. You can mix it with fruit juices, milk shakes, smoothies, honey and etc, if you don’t like the taste. Yeturu Aloe Vera Slim & Fit comes in a packaged bottle (750 ml).

Caution: Not for pregnant women and children below 10 years.

About Yeturu:
YETURU is a fully integrated company manufacturer of highest quality Aloe Vera based natural health care, personal care and skin care products.

Manufacturer of Aloe Vera Health Drinks, Aloe Vera Juice Kumari Swarasam, Aloe Vera Slim & Fit, Aloe Vera Dia-Health, Aloe Suraksha Anti-Septic Healing Cream, Aloe Suraksha Muscle Rub, Aloe Suraksha Multi-purpose Gel.

For more information visit Yeturu or contact them at 040-23314355 or for more information about the product send them an email at

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