New Microfiber Cloth Technology Designed For Touch Screens and Lenses Is Launched In USA

Brand new microfiber fabric harnesses the latest microfiber technology to be specifically used on techy devices such as tablets, laptops & phones that have touch screens and also for use with delicate optical lenses.

Online PR News – 14-May-2014 – Ashburton, Devon – Ashburton, Devon, UK, May 14, 2014 -- The ClearBrights microfiber cloth has been designed and produced by Imaginal Products to meet an increasing demand in our modern world where so many people own techy gizmos with screens that tend to get covered with smears and fingerprints.

Microfiber cloth is the best way to clean tablet & phone screens, as well as camera lenses and eyeglasses because it is much better at cleaning than normal cloth. It is more effective & good quality, soft microfiber cloth will not scratch these delicate surfaces. There are different types and qualities of microfiber cloth and the technology is always improving. ClearBrights use the latest microfiber technology which means that they are lint free, ultra soft and even more efficient at removing oily smudges, than previous cloths were.

Imaginal Products have a holistic environmentally conscious ethos in their approach to working with and using new technology, and the new ClearBrights cloths fall totally under this remit because they are super-efficient, very re-useable and do not require the use of harmful chemicals to be effective.

ClearBrights are being sold in packs of 6 directly on in the USA. As a celebration of their launch, Imaginal Products are selling these 6 packs at half price with a discount code. Although the recommended retail price is $21.97, they are presently being sold for $12.97 and they will be reduced by a further $2 when this code “CBsV1” is added to the Amazon shopping basket cart. More details can be found on their Youtube video “Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Touch Screens & Lenses – with $ Discount Code( )”

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