The Yoga Jeans™ Team is Organizing a Fundraiser Event for Yaldei

The Donald Berman YALDEI Developmental Center has been chosen by the Yoga Jeans™ team to be a beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from their annual charity fundraising sale.

Online PR News – 15-May-2014 – Montrea / Quebec – Montreal, 15th May 2014 - The Donald Berman YALDEI Developmental Center has been chosen by the Yoga Jeans™ team to be a beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from their annual charity fundraising sale. The Push for Change event will take place on Monday, May 12 from 11 am to 7 pm at the company's head office at 1625 Chabanel West, Suite 101.

Yaldei is a private, not-for-profit pediatric developmental center which has been offering Early Intervention treatment and specialized therapies to children with autism and special needs in Montreal since 1997. There are more than 15 different therapeutic interventions available at their state-of-the-art facility in the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex. All of the therapies are offered under one roof, which aids in Yaldei's holistic, multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Yaldei provides individualized and personalized care for a wide variety of children from the neurotypical child that struggles in specific areas, such as social interaction or learning, to the severely delayed. They also offer services that are essential to the day-to-day survival of parents and caregivers including: respite care, support groups, residential summer camp, after school programs, home based services, referral and advocacy. Their goal is to help the children who come to their center reach their full potential.

“Every year, the Yoga Jeans™ team gives back to the community by organizing a fundraiser for one local charity. This year, the choice was easy. Yaldei’s mission to provide a meaningful future for these children is truly inspirational and we are proud to support them through this special fundraising event,” said Eric Wazana, founder of Yoga Jeans™

The Yoga Jeans™ team will be selling their very popular collection at a 50% discount at the event, and with every jeans sale they will be donating $10 to their charity partners including Yaldei.

For more information about Yaldei and the Push for Change event, contact Lillian Vennor at 514-279-3666 ext. 245.

About Yaldei:

The only one of its kind in Quebec, Yaldei is a private, not-for-profit early intervention center dedicated to helping children with developmental and learning challenges reach their full potential. Yaldei’s integration of advanced clinical, behavioral, educational and family support services provides children with the opportunity to learn how to walk, talk, play, attend school and lead productive lives as part of their community.

About Yoga Jeans™

Founded in 2000, Second Denim Co. is a premium Canadian denim brand. Founder, Eric Wazana, introduced “comfort” to today’s world of denim by fusing perfect fit, diagonal stretch and sexiness into one pair of jeans, creating what is now known as every retailer’s coveted secret: the Yoga Jeans™. Embracing the body’s natural movements, Yoga Jeans™ are designed to leave every woman feeling sexy, confident and comfortable. Today, Second’s international success is taking over the world of denim one pair of legs at a time, generating a loyal fan base of Yoga Jeans™ enthusiasts.

Contact Details:
Address: n˚115 - 1625 Chabanel West, Montreal, Qc, Canada H4N 2S7
Phone: 514-381-9111

Contact Information
Lillian Vennor
The Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Center
2100 Marlowe Ave, 5th Floor
Montreal Quebec, H4A 3L5

(514) 279-3666