Feng Shui Cures Financial Woes

Celebrity Feng Shui consultant Ken Lauher discovers the top reason people hire a Feng Shui expert is to “increase money.”

Online PR News – 22-August-2009 – – New York, NY ( Onlineprnews ) August 22, 2009 - Celebrity (http://www.kenlauher.com) Feng Shui consultant Ken Lauher discovers the top reason people hire a Feng Shui expert is to “increase money.”

In these hard economic times, people are turning to the ancient Eastern practice of Feng Shui to increase their income. Celebrity Feng Shui consultant Ken Lauher, www.kenlauher.com, polled his clients and contacts to discover why people hire a Feng Shui expert.

The top three reasons are:

(1) Increase money and overall wealth;

(2) Find love;

(3) Improve career;

View the complete list of the top ten reasons people seek help with (http://www.kenlauher.com/feng-shui-tips/bid/6209/10-Reasons-Why-People-Seek-Help-With-Feng-Shui) Feng Shui here.

Feng Shui is the art of arranging your environment to be more in harmony with your goals and desires. When you maximize the flow of chi, or energy, through your space, it creates positive changes in your life. Lauher, known as the Feng Shui consultant to the stars, has helped his clients achieve financial and career success and more.

Feng Shui involves more than moving furniture or painting a wall. Lauher says, “Living in harmony with your space does not mean placing things in their proper or ‘right’ places; it means aligning your inner worlds and desires with your outer environment.”

To learn more about using Feng Shui to increase your income, create greater success in your career, or improve your situation in any area of your life, sign up to receive Ken Lauher’s free (http://www.kenlauher.com/feng-shui-guide/) Feng Shui Guide, “The 18 Closely Guarded Secrets of Feng Shui.”

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