Marriage Boot Camp Announces Upcoming Marriage Retreat Dates

Marriage Boot Camp, which is a Marriage Retreat to help heal relationships and change lives, has announced the upcoming retreat dates and venues.

Online PR News – 04-June-2014 – Murphy, TX – USA, TX, Murphy, June, 02, 2014 – Marriage Boot Camp, which is a Marriage Retreat to help heal relationships and change lives, has announced the upcoming retreat dates and venues.

Jim Carroll, the founder of Marriage Boot Camp, has designed a unique form of retreat to help modern-day couples resolve their differences and move ahead with their lives together or move on separately with mutual care and respect. The Boot Camp has created a record of saving marriages, and the participants claim the Camps to be special, life-changing experiences.

According to Jim Carroll, “using practical life-changing application is more valuable than having head-knowledge. What good is knowing how to be happy, if you don’t actually make it happen?” The Marriage Retreats conducted by Marriage Boot Camp have brought together even couples who have already filed divorce, and those who have separated have done so without resentment and with a great deal of respect for each other.

The Marriage Seminars believe in changing the individuals involved rather than in changing a relationship. When individuals transform, their relationship takes a better turn. The activities of a seminar are fast paced and interesting and the participants hardly find them boring. Some of the issues the seminars address include communication, sex and intimacy, forgiveness, anger and control.

The Marriage Boot Camps are four-day seminars which use games, drills and exercises which are essentially life-revealing games through which couples are able to learn more about themselves and each other. Though Marriage Retreats do not promise to save all marriages, they claim to help couples part with less resentment and bitterness than they would have otherwise felt which would create lasting adverse effects on the minds of their children.

The Camps include experiential events which help partners to attain a new insight into their relationships. The seminars are participatory in their format, where the participants have to get involved in the activities. The seminars are not usual workshops where the participants sit back and watch and listen. The participants need to take action instead of agreeing to or planning for a change in the future. The dates for the upcoming Marriage Retreats have been announced. There are two retreats organized for the month of June and two for the month of July, 2014. For more information on Marriage Boot Camp and retreat dates, please visit

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