NurseGrid, A Shift Scheduling App For Nurses, Promises To Simplify Hospital Scheduling

NurseGrid is an RN shift scheduling and communication app for nurses that can help cut down on the amount of time and money wasted by paper scheduling.

Online PR News – 03-June-2014 – PORTLAND, OR – PORTLAND, OR -- The world of RN shift scheduling just got easier thanks to NurseGrid. The nurse app brings hospital scheduling into the 21st century by providing an electronic way for shift schedules to be entered, managed, and shared with others. The app promises to simplify shift scheduling for individual nurses while eliminating scheduling conflicts and confusion for departments as a whole.

"Hospitals are still scheduling with paper and whiteboards. This wastes a tremendous amount of money, is time-consuming, and misses a huge opportunity that current technology presents. NurseGrid changes all of that. Our app allows nurses to easily manage their own schedules while on the go using their phone. They can swap shifts and then share that change with their family, friends and co-workers right from the app. Everything is updated in real-time and stored in the cloud so all users know who is scheduled when and where. It's a revolutionary new way to create schedules," said Joe Novello IV, Founder and CEO of NurseGrid (

Novello, a nurse himself, saw a need for a streamlined scheduling process that embraced today's mobile technology and cloud-based storage services. Novello’s most recent business in the Silicon Valley was just acquired last June. He was joined by Zach Smith, also an active nurse who founded and ran a corporate video marketing business in the past. Aloysius Fobi, an emergency medicine physician with an entrepreneurial background as well, rounds out the NurseGrid team. Together, the three have over 30 years of healthcare and entrepreneurial experience.

While the NurseGrid application is immediately beneficial for the individual nurse, its usefulness expands as more nurses join the network. When departments as a whole adopt the technology, scheduling conflicts can be seen and corrected in real time, alleviating the time and stress that commonly surrounds nurse scheduling.

The app is free to the first 100,000 nurses to download and use. Hospital departments can subscribe to NurseGrid via a monthly subscription and see savings within the month. Each department is protected from outside users while allowing individual users the option to hide their schedule from others, ensuring the security of their schedule information.

"NurseGrid was developed by nurses, for nurses. We know how hard it is to coordinate schedules for an entire nursing staff because we’ve had to do it ourselves. Unlocking the simplicity and mobility of smart phones to meet every nurse and department’s scheduling needs is just the next natural step that had yet to be taken," explained Novello.

NurseGrid is accepting pre-registrations, to learn more about visit

About NurseGrid: NurseGrid is the first scheduling and communication tool built by nurses, for nurses. This revolutionary new way to create RN and hospital schedules cuts down on labor-intensive scheduling practices of the past, saving hospitals both time and money while delivering a more accurate staffing schedule.

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