Fatherís Day Gift Discount Code For Dads Who Love Techy Gadgets & Wear Glasses Announced - New Video

Imaginal Products have released a video with details of a very handy discount for what could be the ideal Fatherís Day gift this year.

Online PR News – 05-June-2014 – 5th June 2014, Ashburton, Devon, UK – This yearís most useful Fatherís Day gift idea, may just have been provided by Imaginal Products in a video product promotion that they have just launched. What is more, they are also offering it with a discount code, that makes it half price. (The video ďFathers Day Gifts Ideas - Best & Easiest Of The Gifts For Dad -Coupon DiscountĒ can be found on Youtube)

The primary challenge for Fatherís Day is to find a small, handy & practical gift, that a Dad will actually like & find really useful. But in todayís western world of mass consumerism & abundance, it can be hard to find a suitable present that he does not already own & that is at an affordable price. The second challenge, is often Ėwhat great present can be bought really fast, because it can be easy to forget about this obscure holiday?

In response to the challenge of finding a gift for a man who already has a smart phone, an iPad, a tablet, a computer, a kindle ebook reader, a digital camera, a video camera, etc, Imaginal Products are suggesting that the most useful gift this Fatherís Day, could well be a set of 6 ClearBrights Microfiber Cloths, to keep all of these gadgets clean & looking new. These cloths have been specifically designed using the latest microfiber technology to be super efficient at removing oily marks & dirt, whilst also being very soft & lint free. These qualities make them incredibly useful for cleaning touch screens & sensitive optical lenses like camera lenses or eyeglasses.

They are available in the United States on Amazon.com, where they are presently being listed at $9 below the RRP. If the coupon code ďCBsV1Ē is then added to the shopping cart, the 6 pack of ClearBrights, are then half price. Being available on Amazon also means that they can be bought easily & sent directly to oneís Father almost instantly, which means that even those who are in the habit of waiting until the 11th hour, can still get there gift to arrive in time.

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