Metabolic Aftershock: Reviews of Jade Teta Workout Exposed

Dr. Jade Teta has released Metabolic Aftershock. In a full Metabolic Aftershock review, Stephanie Malroy examines whether or not the program really works.

Online PR News – 15-June-2014 – Eagle Point, OR – Dr. Jade Teta has officially released his metabolism optimizing workout program, Metabolic Aftershock. In a full Metabolic Aftershock review, Stephanie Malroy examines whether the program really works and exposes the pros and the cons to the DVD program.

Metabolic Aftershock, an exercise program taught by Jade Teta, claims to help both men and women naturally speed up their metabolism. His claim is that with only three 15 minutes workouts per week, one can dramatically increase the efficiency of their metabolism and lose a significant amount of fat while strengthening and toning their muscles. Because this workout has become increasingly popular, Stephanie Malroy from Thriving Lean reports on her findings and confirms whether or not the DVD program is all that it is said to be.

"After conducting my full Metabolic Aftershock review I can honestly say that it's a great workout and program. It is quite evident why Dr. Jade Teta has such a loyal and enthusiastic following." says Stephanie Malroy. "His workouts are quick, somewhat fun and very effective. I haven't felt as good as I did after going through a metabolic workout in as long as I can remember. I really love these home workouts and the convenience they provide."

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The Metabolic Aftershock workout promises the following results:

66% more total calories burned as apposed to a regular-style workout.
484% more calories burned after as apposed to a regular-style workout.
Better results in less than half the time of a regular-style workout.
Overall better fat burning than traditional style workouts.

Metabolic Aftershock reviews highlight many of these promises but what many fail to miss is the fact that this workouts is based on a scientifically proven approach. Dr. Teta is a genuine man and is one of the better trainers there is. His commitment to providing true, usable value makes him the go-to trainer for many. His clients love him and after reviewing this program it's easy to see why.

"Although I am usually a bit hesitant to recommend someone else's workout or diet program to someone, I can easily say that you can't go wrong with Jade Teta's Metabolic Aftershock. The DVD's are easy to follow and again, the workouts really work." admits Malroy. "At first I didn't think that a 15 minute workout could really change my metabolism. But now I do. The program really does deliver some fantastic results."

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