TheBruxismClinic: New London-Based E-commerce store has launched to fight Bruxism

The Bruxism is the European expert for self-adjustable dental guards and offers a variety of some of the best dental guards on the market.

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The Bruxism Clinic Ltd, London, June 2014

TheBruxismClinic: New London-Based E-commerce store has launched to fight Bruxism

New E-Commerce Store TheBruxismClinic started as resource for the many sufferers of Bruxism.

Teeth Grinding, or medically correct "bruxism", is a disease affecting at least one in three people, according to conservative research estimates. This equals about 20 million people in the UK! [1] [2]
Bruxism refers to the involuntary clenching and grinding of one's teeth. The pressure exerted on the teeth can exceed over six times the pressure normally exerted by voluntarily clenching. [3]
The most common effect of bruxism is the wearing down of the teeth. The resulting damage to the enamel and dentin can cause micro-fracturing, small injuries to tongue and cheeks, higher sensitivity of the teeth, and very severe pain. In the worst cases, it can result in a total loss of teeth, as well as gum recession. [4]
Contrary to common belief, teeth grinding does not only affect your teeth negatively. Other symptoms can include tinnitus, migraine, vertigo, sore neck and back, and ear ache. If you are suffering from some of the above mentioned symptoms, you might be one of the many affected by bruxism even if you are not already aware of it. Most people do not realize that they are heavily grinding their teeth until it is already too late and their teeth are severely damaged. [5]
Despite our highly advanced medical world, there is still no treatment proven to cure bruxism. Because bruxism has mainly psychological causes such as stress, stopping it can be difficult. Bruxism can only be completely stopped by better dealing with stress or finding your "inner peace". [6]
Dental guards are the only treatment proven to protect your teeth from the consequences of bruxism. Wearing a dental guard when the bruxism occurs will protect the teeth from the damages of grinding. [7]
Dental guards can mainly be grouped into 3 types: the cheapest, least comfortable and least durable dental guards found in drug stores, the fully customized dental guards from your dentist, and the self-adjustable dental guards.
Over-the-counter dental guards can be cheaply purchased at the cost of low durability and comfort. Dentist-made dental guards offer higher durability and comfort but with expensive price tags of up to 1000. The self-adjustable dental guards offer the best of both worlds- they are affordable in price while offering a level of comfort and protection similar to the dentist-made guards. They are using a completely non-toxic EVA plastic and can be easily adjusted at home.

About The Bruxism Clinic:

The Bruxism is the European expert for self-adjustable dental guards and offers a variety of some of the best self-adjustable dental guards on the market. The prices range from 23.95 to 59.95.
Based in London, the online store sells and ships worldwide and has set its goal to protect your smile!

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