Alan Shulik Celebrates 30 Years With American Psychological Association

Alan Shulik speaks about his experience over 3 decades with the American Psychological Association.

Online PR News – 28-June-2014 – Guilford, CT – Alan Shulik was a proud member of the American Psychological Association over 30 years of his career.
"I really believe that membership in the American Psychological Association was extremely beneficial to my career as a professional psychologist," Alan Shulik was quoted as saying. "I highly recommend that all aspiring and current psychologists become part of this organization."

Currently, the American Psychological Association is the largest professional organization that represents psychologists in the United States. It is also the largest association of psychologists in the world. As of 2014, there are over 130,000 members. These members are comprised of consultants, researchers, clinicians, students, and educators.

"Being a member of the American Psychological Association was actually one of the most rewarding parts of my career," Alan Shulik continued. "Of course, nothing is better than helping a patient in need, but being associated with so many brilliant minds in the field really made being a member of the American Psychological Association worth so much."

The mission statement behind the American Psychological Association is to advance the creation, application, and communication of psychological knowledge. This is intended to better both the lives of individual people and society in general. They encourage the development of psychology, promote research and the improvement of research methods, improve their member's qualifications, and disseminate knowledge of psychological advances.

"As a a member of the American Psychological Association, one can always count on being abreast of the latest developments in the psychological community," Alan Shulik went on to say. "It was really fantastic being aware of what my colleagues were doing to advance the body of psychological knowledge and help improve the science."

The American Psychological Association also seeks to define what psychology actually is and how it is applicable to everyday life. It defines psychology as a doctoral level profession, and people like Alan Shulik believe in the assessment.

"Psychology is a unique blend of the medical and the metaphysical," Alan Shulik says. "It's important to have a thoroughly grounded understanding of medical procedures in order to work with people effectively; however, it's also important to understand that the human psyche is not fully understood as of yet and has many different quirks. The American Psychological Association understands this and seeks to promote it."

There are many benefits that come with being a member of the American Psychological Association. There are steep discounts on journal subscriptions and videos, as well as an automatic subscription to Monitor on Psychology and The American Psychologist. There is also a discount on registration for the annual American Psychological Association convention.

Beyond these benefits that are directly related to the field of psychology, members can also have discounts to a variety of different retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, Avis, and more.

"The American Psychological Association is highly recommended to any psychologist in the field," Alan Shulik says. "I found my membership to be a very beneficial and pleasing experience, and believe that other psychologists would benefit from the same."

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