Bio-Microbics Assures a Clean World with Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Bio-Microbics promises a cleaner and better world with its huge range of advanced decentralized innovative wastewater treatment solutions.

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – 7/1/2014, Shawnee, KS – Shawnee, KS In the contemporary age of continuous environmental degradation, Bio-Microbics seems to be a big relief. The leading Kansas based company has assured a clear & better world with its advanced wastewater treatment products.

A widely acknowledged name in the sector of advanced wastewater treatment, Bio-Microbics is the global manufacturer of decentralized innovative wastewater treatment aides, septic-system alternative solutions & stormwater treatment products. With a vast operational history spanning for nearly 4 decades, the company has carried on over 42 thousand installations in more than 60 nations.

"In the context of the urgent need for clean and sustainable technology, our systems have been devised to meet up the highest global performance & safety standards regarding treatment of wastewater, water, rainwater stormwater & more," remarked a leading spokesman from the waste water treatment company.

Bio-Microbics caters to municipal capabilities, high-strength commercial premises & marine vessels added to residential developments. Moreover, the company has been felicitated with the honorary awards of KS Exporter 2011 & President's "E" Award in 2012.

"Our advanced products are themed on the certified pre-engineered & pre-packaged FITT (Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology) philosophy which is the outcome of enriched worldwide operating history through decades and proven results offering major environmental benefits," noted the firm manager.

The manager further displayed a versatile product line of which the most popular are FAST systems and BioBarrier Membrane BioReactors.

"Our FAST treatment was the 1st wastewater treatment product to be used for marine applications. The FAST system application was also the 1st to receive certification for the residential uses & general letting for reduction of Nitrogen in several States. Moreover, our BioBarrier was 1st MBR system accredited for the residential applications, reduction of Nitrogen & reuse of water by NSF International," shared the manager.

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Bio-Microbics is a Kansas based award winning global manufacturer of innovative advanced decentralized FITT themed wastewater and stormwater treatment solutions for residential, commercial and marine applications. For more, visit


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