Dick Starr Game Launches $1 Kickstarter with Twitch.tv Integration!

Poor Ugly Dwarf games is inviting $1 pledges on kickstarter for their all new ‘Dick Starr Conquers Mars’ arcade shooter prototype.

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Castro Valley – Castro Valley, CA, July 02, 2014 -- Dick Starr Conquers Mars is a retro-arcade style game that is being designed to integrate with Twitch.tv and allow Twitch broadcasters to “CrowdPlay” via chat. If you broadcast your game-play via Twitch.tv, you're going to want this game. It is designed to engage your viewers by allowing them to affect your game-play. If you haven't heard of Twitch.tv then go there RIGHT NOW, as it's very cool and you'll have a blast.


The Dick Starr game brings you wave upon wave of menacing Martians with only one goal DESTROY DICK STARR! Maneuver your ultra slick Federation issued retro rocket with caution. Martian technology is superior! Each squadron of enemy ships is followed by the squadron leader, who will be thoroughly !#@##!&*!* if his squadron fails to eliminate you. Don't fret however for you are Dick Starr, and if that isn't enough you are aided by your ever faithful Spazernauts.

Pledge your $1 today: http://tinyurl.com/dickstarr

CrowdPlay is a concept for a multiplayer mechanism based on "Twitch Plays Pokemon" found on Twitch.TV. "Twitch Plays Pokemon" is a massive audience based game where thousands of audience members can control the character using chat commands. Your Twitch.TV audience can aid you during the Martian onslaught by voting for laser upgrades, ship upgrades, and weapon add-ons like heat-seeking missiles, cluster bombs, smart bombs, not-so-smart bombs, and the rare but devastating Gravity Vortex. Majority rules.

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