Meet Pico the Penguin: The new fun educational app for kids by Petita Demas!

Pico the Penguin lives far away, in the freezing cold of Antarctica. One day he decides to go on a journey around the world, to visit his friends.

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Athens – But where his friends live, itís not as cold as Antarctica. And just like you need to keep warm, Pico needs to keep cool. So, what is Pico going to do? Well, thatís what friends are for! Play and help him out!

Ask gently Renne the Rhino to share her sunscreen (aka mud) with Pico, give a nudge to Elliott the Elephant to give you a cold shower with water from the lake using his giant nose and jump like Kenny the Kangaroo, who licks Picoís head to help him keep cool! Donít ever forget your hat in the sun and discover a world of fascinating animals and enchanting places by understanding basic things weíve known since we are born: Hot Ė Cold Ė Friend!

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