iVenture Card International Helps to Explore the Best Las Vegas Attractions

iVenture Card International makes its customers available to the iVenture Card, giving them a chance to explore numerous locations across Las Vegas.

Online PR News – 06-July-2014 – PO Box 592, Pyrmont, NSW, 2000, Australia – Pyrmont, NSW – iVenture Card International makes the Las Vegas tourism experience an enjoyable one for its customers. By focusing on the development and promotion of international travel experience, it gives travellers a chance to witness local attractions at marginal costs. Their iVenture Card is a one-of-its-kind offer that gives individuals a chance to conveniently explore several overseas destinations. Upon buying this card, customers can even find access to destinations including Australia, South Africa, Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau, to name a few.

The Las Vegas Ultimate Attraction Pass is basically a smart card that resembles a credit card and is installed with a computer chip within. As a result, using the card gives the owner free entry to their choice of experience they desire to encounter. Using the card is simple, as all a person is required to do is select the package that meets their travel necessity. Among the available alternatives, they can come across choices like 1, 2, 3 or 5 day unlimited package. The cost charged for adults and children vary, which can be acquired from the website. Once they get a hold of the card, individuals do not have to pay for any Las Vegas tourist attractions that are included in the pass. This way, the more attractions they see, the more money they can save.

One of the best aspects of their service is that it allows customers to pre-purchase their preferred package via one of their official agents and pick it up from their collection point around Las Vegas. It is although requested that the buyers wait 24 hours before picking up their package. The interactive map presented on the website enables travellers to plan their itinerary carefully. The pass, on the other hand, comes with an experienced guide that is easy to refer for information and planning the schedule. Using the iVenture Card at the arrival spot is easy, as all they are required to do is swipe it at the destination.

Las Vegas is host to a number of museums, sightseeing locations, fun and recreation spots and shows, among others. Individuals can get a detailed insight into the available selections and take advantage of the benefits that come along. The cost charged on children’s package is USD 54.99, whereas for the adults, it is USD 74.99. Interested travellers can log on to http://lasvegas.iventurecard.com/las-vegas-tourist-attractions/ and download the brochure to acquire details about the locations. The card for Las Vegas attractions is valid for 12 months and must be used within the time period.

About iVenture Card International – iVenture Card International offers overseas travel packages to destinations like Australia, Singapore, Las Vegas and Macau, to name a few. With main focus on development and promotion of travel experience, the company offers affordable iVenture Card packages.

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