PowerStitch.com Uses New Technology To Dominate The Logo Digitizing Arena

Power Stitch Design Studio has been setting the standard in Embroidery Digitizing and Logo Vectorizing for over 8 years.

Online PR News – 06-July-2014 – LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 26, 2014 – A logo is the signature of a Brand that can mean the difference between being forgotten or retained in the memory of the consumer. Logo Artwork should be treated as a highly important aspect of any business. A crisp image that is visually appealing is what it takes for a successful and impressive logo presentation. Powerstitch has risen to the top of the digitizing industry by employing the latest technological advances and the most talented artisans available. This is what has enabled them to dominate over their competition for so many years.

Powerstitch.com has been the “go-to” place for Embroidery Digitizing Services by many of the top Embroidery firms in the industry. The company reports that they have embroidery digitizers working seven days a week. It is clear that they have this business down to a science, utilizing a superior workflow system that offers a 24-hour turnaround. It used to be that hand-embroidery was the only method available of applying logos to fabrics. With the development of high-tech computer aided equipment, all that has changed. What is required to turn out outstanding work is a logo that has been digitized with an incredible attention to detail. Digitizing has revolutionalized embroidery in many ways. Quick turn around times, flawless designs, affordable pricing, and the ability to effortlessly create intricate designs are only some of the benefits that digitization has brought to this art.

Whether a design printer, or someone who produces vinyl, digital, screen or stationery prints, or even if simply looking to create a world class logo for one’s brand, a sharp Vectorized Logo image will leave a lasting impression. Powerstitch will bring excellence to some pretty rough looking pieces of artwork, and that is what it takes to succeed in this business. The Vector Image Format is the format of choice, and Powerstitch is the digitizer of choice. Don’t risk making a poor first impression with other image formats.

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