LED Lighting Introduces their EVO 50 LED Downlights

LED Lighting has announced their latest downlight replacement called the EVO 50 LED downlight.

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Sydney, NSW – LED Lighting recently announced their new downlight replacement called the Evo 50 LED downlight. The new downlight according to the company produces the same lumen level and intensity as regular halogen downlights. However, the EVO 50 despite being a 50Watt replacement of otherwise regular downlights also has a number of innovative features like a removable trim, the ability to dim the light from the mains etc. Experts who compare the EVO 50 to 50 Watt halogen bulbs have found no difference in intensity but the EVO 50 is 75% more efficient which means that it consumes 75% less electricity. This over an extended period of time means that the EVO 50 is a lot cheaper since it both consumes less electricity and does not need a replacement as quickly as regular halogen bulbs require.

Many people who have used LED bulbs and lighting complain that they often do not produce the intensity of light as indicated by their wattage. However, the big difference between halogen bulbs and LED downlights is the fact that LEDs consume a lot less electricity so they essentially produce more light but for less watts. The only reason why people complain of low intensity is because they either have purchased an LED light bulb running on outdated technology or they fail to understand the rating. When buying anything LED related it's important to compare its lumen output to the bulb you are replacing since wattage is not an accurate measure. That said the EVO 50 and other similar LED downlights are true halogen replacements.

According to Nick "We are one of the leading sellers of LED downlights in Australia. Over the years we have seen first-hand how LED technology has evolved to now become the best possible lighting technology on the planet. Our EVO 50 is testament to the fact that LEDs can produce as good if not better lighting and intensity than any existing technology and for the fraction of the electricity it consumes. So, people essentially save money and don't feel the difference in lighting when they switch to LED." said one of the executives working for LED Lighting "We challenge anyone to compare our EVO 50 to any 50 watt downlight."

LED Lighting is one of the most reputed specialized architectural fibre optic and LED lighting wholesaler and supplier in Australia. The company has grown quite considerably over the past twelve years and remains to be focused on supplying the highest quality lighting products. The company has worked on hundreds of projects and with international professionals like Architects, Lighting Designers, Electrical Engineers, and Interior Designers to create aesthetic lighting effects. The company is known to constantly innovate and come up with new and improved lighting products.

More information about LED Lighting and some of their latest products can be found on their website: www.ledlighting.com.au. People who are interested in buying the latest LED downlights or want to get technical specifications for these lights can also email the company directly via the website or call the number mentioned there.

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