Joanna Josephson of Arizona Offers Aspiring Realtors the Secret of Real Estate Success

Joanna Josephson of Arizona explains how the Realtor's Code of Ethics has advanced her career.

Online PR News – 11-July-2014 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Ethics are an important component of any successful individual, but Joanna Josephson of Arizona has found that the most important part of her success has been the Realtors Code of Ethics.

"They've been incredibly helpful in shaping me as a realtor," Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. "When I originally joined the Phoenix Association of Realtors, I never dreamed that this would eventually become so important to me."

The Realtors Code of Ethics is a code of conduct that those who are a member of the National Association of Realtors need to follow to stay in good standing. There are three different sections of the Code: Duties to Clients and Customers, Duties to the Public, and Duties to Realtors.

"These guidelines have been incredibly helpful," Joanna Josephson of Arizona continues. "It's not only helpful for me to remember my duties, but it also assures my clients and the public that I adhere to these guidelines and that they can trust what I say. It does a lot to reaffirm my integrity!"

The National Association of Realtors adopted the Code of Ethics in 1913. If a person associated with the National Association of Realtors fails to abide by the Code of Ethics, they are subjected to disciplinary measures and sanctions. Any client of a Realtor agent can ask them for a copy of the Code of Ethics at any time, in order to fully understand it.

"I don't get asked for a copy of the Code of Ethics very often," Joanna Josephson of Arizona admits. "But when I do get asked, it gives me pleasure. I like my clients to know the rules that I abide by, so that they understand exactly how I am helping them and why."

There are seventeen Articles and related standards of practice in the Code of Ethics. The codes include the following:

Duties to clients and customers. This section of the Code of Ethics is the longest and contains 9 articles. It addresses such issues as treating all parties honestly, not exaggerating or lying about properties, cooperating with other real estate professionals to advance the interest of the client, and disclosing all financial benefits they receive.

Duties to the public. This section ensures that Realtors work with all members of the public without discrimination, do not engage in unauthorized practice of law, and will willingly participate in ethics investigations.

Duties to Realtors. This section ensures that one Realtor will not slander another, and will lawfully arbitrate any financial disagreements. It also requires that Realtors respect each other's representation and brokerage rights.

"The reason why this Code of Ethics has been so helpful to my professional career is that it lays out my rights and responsibilities very clearly," Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. "Whenever there's been a disagreement with a fellow Realtor, the Code of Ethics is an excellent guide. It keeps everything civil and ensures that the Realtors and our clients enjoy optimal results."

Joanna Josephson of Arizona suggests that all real estate professionals that are considering it join their local Realtor Association. Joanna Josephson of Arizona believes that joining this association has helped her career immensely, and being protected by the Code of Ethics is definitely worth more than the membership fee.

About: Joanna Josephson of Arizona has worked in real estate for 6 years.

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