Custom Solutions Inc. Launches New Program

Custom Solutions Inc. has expanded into a 5000 square foot facility in Fowler, to have a greater reach & increase its volume of services in control panel design

Online PR News – 09-July-2014 – Fowler, Indiana – Custom Solutions Inc. has recently purchased a 5,000 square foot facility solely for the use of control panel design and fabrication in Fowler, Indiana. Control panels in the electrical engineering sector are used to control machine automations, enabling a person to interact with the machine without needing PLC programming knowledge. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX (Field Installation and Service Manager at Custom Solutions Inc.) is a PLC programming expert, and is involved in the custom panel design and installation process. With extensive experience, Brad Palmer of Dennison TX has an opinion worth noting, "Each control panel fabricated in our new facility will provide the exact parameters necessary for each individual client."

What a Control Panel Does

The control panel for an automated system of robotics or assembly lines provides a point of access for human to machine interaction. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX stated, “These panels allow for a human to run the machine, despite not having PLC programming knowledge. This is an imperative aspect of any automated machine assembly.” Each panel is developed according to the client’s specifications, giving a custom design tailored to their needs.

Expansion Positivity

Brad Palmer of Dennison TX provided some insight on what exactly makes this expansion a healthy action for the company and the community, “This expansion allows Custom Solutions Inc. to become truly competitive with its opponents, while also opening up new jobs to the community. The 5,000 square foot facility provides ample room to work, removing any space restrictions that arose previously.” The new facility will be operational soon, and will supply a great deal of control panels to the community, as needed.

A State of the Art Control Panel Design and Fabrication Center

Speaking further with Brad Palmer of Dennison TX, he described the new facility as, “A state of the art design facility with the most up to date technology available in the control panel design and fabrication arena.” The new space gives all the room Custom Solutions Inc. could want at this juncture, making greater advancement and industry a real possibility. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX went on to say, “We will use this larger space to design and fabricate more panels, and to innovate in the control panel field. It is a huge step forward for us.”

Brad Palmer of Dennison TX has overseen the acquisition of this facility and will be the primary person in charge of managing the team working within the center. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX has worked in the electrical engineering field for many years and has a significant amount of experience and knowledge in control panel design. With a keen eye for areas where the process can become more efficient and useful, Brad Palmer of Dennison TX noted, “This addition is just one in a long line of expansions Custom Solutions intends to make over the coming years. These additions will create ample job opportunities and will give back to the community, as well as allowing innovation in the control panel field.”

For further information on Control Solutions, Inc. contact Rodney Winebrenner at his email or by telephone at 765-585-5025.

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Control Solutions Inc.
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