'Cost of Addiction Rehab Increases, Yet Relapse Rate Stays the Same,' Says Serenity Vista

Studies prove that price is irrelevant when it comes to sobriety. The length of your addiction treatment and quality of treatment dictates sobriety from drugs.

Online PR News – 14-July-2014 – Chiriqui Province, Republic of Panama – Would you pay for rehab that just leads you back into drug addiction? Unfortunately, that’s the case for too many drug addiction patients. Even though the cost of drug addiction rehab is rising by leaps and bounds every year, the benefits offered by many rehab centers in the US or Canada is of dubious value. Especially for short-term drug rehab programs, relapse rates remain astonishingly high—even though more and more money comes in to those rehab centers. Experts say that between 40% and 90% of drug rehab patients relapse within the first year after treatment. And that drug relapse can have serious or fatal consequences.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction is a treatable disease.

When drug rehab patients relapse, they face the threat of severe health problems or even fatal incidents. Relapse can bring back all of the original health problems that addiction causes, including cardiovascular issues, respiratory problems, and drug tolerance. Relapsing brings a patient right back to where they started before rehab, only they’re often in an even worse situation. Relapsed drug users face a higher threat of drug overdose, which kills millions of people a year. One of the best ways to avoid the risk of relapse (and hence the risk of overdose) is to check into a longer-term rehab stay.

Luckily, long-term rehab can offer a much greater protection against drug rehab. A 90-day program of drug addiction rehab treatment leads to as much as a 73% drop in relapse risk. By spending more time in a rehab facility, the patient is able to detox much more thoroughly, and then get more used to living without drugs while breaking habits of substance abuse. From there, the patient’s stay also keeps them away from old patterns of life and temptations to drug use and relapse. Statistics show that instead of an expensive luxury 30-day program, a 60- or 90-day rehab stay is the more effective way to combat relapse and many options are available at affordable rates throughout South America and the Caribbean as prices continue to rise in North America.

About Serenity Vista

Serenity Vista is a world-class luxury rehab facility located in the beautiful Caribbean nation of Panama. A secure private and affordable rehab center owned and operated by North American addiction treatment executives offering high-quality and highly affordable care, Serenity Vista is committed to the health, well-being, and finances of their patients, partnering with them to work toward recovery. With full amenities, including spa visits, massages, a gym, and a scenic and healthy environment, Serenity Vista offers the highest-quality drug addiction rehab care. Only a short flight from the US, Canada, or Europe, Serenity Vista is admitting guests now for long-term rehab stays, including 60- and 90-day programs.

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