Director Launches Kickstarter About His Uncle's Discovery of 100-Year-Old Sternwheeler

Jesse Davidge is making a documentary about his uncle, Doug Davidge, and his discovery of the AJ Goddard, a sternwheeler that was lost for over 100 years.

Online PR News – 14-July-2014 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Director, Jesse Davidge, aims to tell the story of his uncle's discovery of a 100 year old Sternwheeler up in Lake Laberge, Yukon.

Amateur archaeologist Doug Davidge spent 19 years and a small personal fortune searching for the sunken sternwheeler the A.J. Goddard in the Yukon. Despite facing many dangers and disappointments, he never gave up. Jesse Davidge, one of the founders and principals at Vancouver’s Blatant Studios, need your help to tell Doug’s story through their short documentary, "Finding the A.J. Goddard."

"This story is as much about tenacity and drive as it is about a dramatic but little-known event in Canadian history," said producer Jon Busby. "Not many of us could stick with something for so long. Doug did and it paid off."

Through animation, film footage of dives, and interviews of the archaeologists and hobbyists who were with Doug the day he finally found the A.J. Goddard, the film will tell the emotional story of this personal quest.

After years of creating animated projects for advertising agencies as well as award winning music videos for bands like Dan Mangan, Hey Rosetta, and the New Pornographers, Blatant Studios are eager to take on this project. “It’s really about two fascinating and difficult journeys, Doug’s and the A.J. Goddard’s. We’re really looking forward to bringing this documentary to the public,” said the film’s director Jesse Davidge.

The KickStarter campaign will be on from July 07, 2014 to August 06, 2014, and is looking for $10,000 to reach its initial funding goal as well as additional stretch goals that include a dive to film the wreck, extended animated sections, and interviews. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding model, so please consider donating as much or as little as you can to help us reach their goal within the allotted 30 days.

If you have questions about the project, or would like to set up an interview with the director, please email


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