Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa Supports Masons for Mitts

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa urges California to donate for their favorite Mason Team in support of Masonsformitts.

Online PR News – 15-July-2014 – Santa Rosa, CA – Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a California native and has spent most of his life there. As a long time San Francisco Giants fan, Roger knows that some of the best times to go to the ballpark are when there is a special event. These special events often donate money to local charities and are great educational experiences for the whole family.

One of the upcoming events that Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is excited about is Masons night at the AT&T Park on Wednesday, September 10. The game is a fun time for all and at the game the Mason's will present a check that will go to help pay for baseball mitts for California kids. The Masons understand that Baseball is a great way for children to spend their time when they are not in school. The junior Giants program works to bring Americas past time to children who would not otherwise be able to participate.

With more than 20,00 kids between the ages of 5 and 18, the Junior Giants program serves many California children. The program currently operates 85 leagues in 175 Californian cities. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa also knows that about 40% of the Junior Giants do not have their own gloves. Masons night, in its sixth year and so far has raised $275,000 for the Junior Giants and are looking to go even bigger.

The California Masons have divided their lodges up into six regions, and they are competing to see which region can raise the most money for mitts. The winning team will join the California Grandmaster on September 10 before the first pitch to award the check to the Junior Giants.
The six different teams are the North Bay Bees, San Francisco Sluggers, the South Bay Bombers, the East Bay Aces, the Delta Dogs and the Sacramento Cyclones. Currently, the Sacramento Cyclones are running away with the title this year. With more than 700 mitts funded. The other teams have quite a bit of work to do to catch up, with just under 2 moths left.

As a father and little league coach, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows how important it is to get kids the equipment they need to take part in these healthy after school activities. He is also happy to see the group his father is a long time member of, the Masons, take such an active part in the community and supporting the growth of one of his favorite sports. While Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is not a Mason, he has for many years seen some of the good works they take part in and has always been intrigued with the history of the Masonic societies.

The Masons of California currently have 10,000 members, and these members are very active in helping their community. The Masons have a long and storied history, which some people love to debate and research. One thing however is abundantly clear; the Masons of California are committed to helping California Youth.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa encourages you to take part in this six-year tradition, help buy a kid a mitt, and come down to the game on September 10th. Time is running short so hurry and make your donation today.

About: Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a father, Baseball fan, and little league coach who understands the value of Kids playing baseball.

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