Lisandra Delgado Alicea Announces Upcoming Performances at 2014 Burning Man

Lisandra Delgado Alicea encourages her fans to get to Burning Man and come see her. She will be there during the entirety of the 2014 Burning Man Festival.

Online PR News – 15-July-2014 – Denver, CO – Lisandra Delgado Alicea encourages people to get to Nevada for Burning Man. She has recently signed a three-year contract with one of the iconic Burning Man groups to perform and sit in on sets during the event. She will have five shows over the weeklong event in the Nevada Desert.

Burning Man is held every year, from the last Monday in August, through the first Monday in September. Burning man encompasses a large variety of art, music and thought provoking. Lisandra Delgado Alicea understands that it will be an incredible experience and is looking forward to being a part of it.

Lisandra Delgado Alicea knows that Burning Man in its current form started in 1990. With a rocky start including police refusing to let them burn the “Man," Burning Man had begun, although the name did not become official till 1996. There is a large variety of bands that have performed at Burning Man. Some of the very famous and some were playing outside their car hoping for a beer or meal busker style.

Lisandra Delgado Alicea believes that understanding how Burning Man is laid out is very important to any attendees. Burning Man has evolved into a miniature city with and architectural layout that is smart and efficient. At the First burning of the Man in Nevada, the attendees were forced to camp overnight because of the long hike into the location. They naturally formed a circle around the fire. The next year they were required to fill out an informal plan for Bureau of Land Management to get permission to camp out there. The plan was largely to help authorities find them in case of emergency, and it was also to help attendees not get lost which is very easy to do in the desert.

Over the next few years, the city continued to evolve for a variety of reasons. Eventually, it got to the point where the overall plan was set and the from year to year the plan changed only slightly.

2014 marks the first year where Burning Man will supposedly be showcasing five stage venues, one of which will be near “The Man”. The Burning Man Project has released the 2014 music lineup and stage lineup. The Stages are named after the five stages of grief and seem to have lineups that reflect each stage. The only problem is that all of these Musicians have passed away. This further highlights the five stages of grief. “Acceptance," the main stage is said to have a full setup necessary for lights and a full concert experience. Some of the deceased lineup listed in the press release for the 2014 Burning Man include: Clint Warwick from the Moody Blues, Ike Turner, Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Mac Dre, jam Master Jay, Ty Longley, Maurice Gibb, Mary Travers, Pete Seeger, Joey Covington, Ray Manzarek, Barry White, Warren Zevon, Mike Starr & Layne Staley, Joe Strummer, Keith MoonMark Moreland, The Ramones, Dave Brockie, Lou Reed Amy Winehouse, and Robert Palmer.

What will be at Burning Man is still anyone’s guess. However, Lisandra Delgado Alicea will be there so be sure to listen for a sweet sounding guitar and follow it to her. She will be entertaining any and all and looks forward to others sitting in and helping her make music come alive.

About: Lisandra Delgado Alicea is a professional musician who enjoys touring the country sitting in with bands from many genres. Her own music is a type of sound and hip hop infused rock and roll although she has songs that reach into all genres.

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