Case Studies Prove The Success Of Jaffe Sports Medicine In Field Of Pain Management

Jaffe Sports Medicine in Naples has shared two case studies on patients suffering from chronic pain and the success their patients have had with treatment.

Online PR News – 21-July-2014 – Naples, FL – Jaffe Sports Medicine of Naples, FL has released two cases studies on patients who suffered from chronic pain that interfered with daily activities. The sports medicine and physical therapy clinic was able to alleviate this pain using a variety of pain management techniques that allowed the patients to return to full function.

"Pain is an indicator that something is wrong in the body. Too often we see patients who think it's just a normal part of aging and they have to live with it, but that's no longer true. We have a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments available to us today that can ease discomfort and even eliminate pain," explained Dr. Peter Jaffe of Jaffe Sports Medicine (

The first case study involved a 73-year old female with chronic low back pain that prevented her from carrying out her normal activities and even disrupted her sleep. Treatment involved physical therapy, a lumbar epidural injection, right-sided lumbar facet joint nerve blocks and lumbar facet joint nerve radiofrequency ablation (RFA).

Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are a common treatment option for many types of low back and leg pain and are an integral part of the non-surgical management of sciatica and low back pain. A lumbar facet joint nerve block is an injection of anesthetic medication and steroid onto the nerves that transmit pain information to the joints in the spine. A lumbar RFA is a procedure that uses radio frequency waves to stop the lumbar medial branch nerve from transmitting pain signals from the injured facet joint to the brain.

After these procedures the patient experienced nearly 100% relief of her low back pain, has been pain free for the past 4 months and has resumed her regular activities.

"We always start with the least invasive method of treatment possible, see how that goes and then adapt the treatment plan from there. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, sometimes all we need to do is give it a little help, so we never want to overdo it or overwhelm the body with too many treatments right away," said Jaffe.

The second case study involved a 74-year old male patient who complained of lower back pain with severe pain radiating into the right leg. He was having difficulty walking and was even unable to perform his usual activities, which included tennis and golf. An MRI was used to reveal evidence of a disc herniation with significant pressure on the right L4 nerve root.

Treatment involved two right-sided transforaminal epidural injections and a course of physical therapy and home exercises to strengthen his core muscles. A transforaminal epidural is a variation of a traditional epidural injection in which steroid is placed within a specific nerve root sheath to relieve pain. Upon discharge, the patient was 100% pain-free.

"Pain is the start of a vicious circle. Patients need to exercise to stay healthy and strong, but pain prevents that. The body weakens as a result of this and is more prone to injury and further pain. Eliminating or managing pain before it gets out of hand is the best way to stay healthy and active," said Jaffe.

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About Jaffe Sports Medicine:
Jaffe Sports Medicine Physicians and therapists provide physical therapy and pain management to patients suffering from acute and chronic pain as a result of, diseases, injuries, or following surgical procedures. They provide comprehensive diagnosis and a wide variety of customized therapy options all performed by highly trained board certified and fellowship trained physicians and licensed therapists.

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