Amazon Best-Selling Book, Personal Alchemy, Guides Readers To More Blissful Life

Personal Alchemy explores the law of attraction and provides tips and exercises designed to bring peace, love and bliss into reader's lives.

Online PR News – 23-July-2014 – GRAY COURT, SC – Personal Alchemy was just released in April 2014 and the book has already attained best-seller status on The eBook was written by Michelle Martin Dobbins, a spiritual alchemist and Reiki master who wanted to do something to help the millions of people who struggle to get the Law of Attraction to work for them. The result, Personal Alchemy, is a guidebook to aid readers in making changes in their lives for the better. The book is currently available for Kindle at for just $2.99.

The law of attraction is a concept made popular by Abraham-Hicks and was made into the hit movie "The Secret". The belief that "like attracts like" and that individuals have control over what happens in their lives based on their thought patterns and intention is the foundation of law of attraction techniques and concepts. Martin Dobbins explains that problems with the law of attraction arise when the body's energy or vibrational fields are off, which leads to disappointing results.

"Many people follow law of attraction practices and can be disappointed when the techniques donít work for them. Personal Alchemy helps readers understand how personal vibrations affect the law of attraction. It explains and provides exercises on how to raise the natural vibrational set point to super charge law of attraction practices," explained Michelle Martin Dobbins (

Personal Alchemy is full of exercises to help readers get in touch with their individuality and tap into their own resources to create the life they want. The exercises are designed to work on their own or they can be combined with law of attraction principles and practices to transform lives.

"Personal Alchemy isn't just for people who want to work with the law of attraction. Anyone who wants to increase the amount of peace, love and bliss they experience in life will benefit from the eBook. Everything I write is aimed at helping people live more joyful, magical lives with ease. Personal Alchemy is no exception. It's a great place to start for readers who are exploring personal energy or vibrational fields," said Martin Dobbins.

To purchase Personal Alchemy or read reviews of the eBook visit To learn more about Michelle Martin Dobbins or Personal Alchemy visit her website, Daily Alchemy at

About Michelle Martin Dobbins: Michelle Martin Dobbins is an author, spiritual alchemist, and Reiki master who shares true stories of magic, creation, and love in everyday life at She supports people to transform their lives using love and joy. Her fiction writing has been featured in Woman's World magazine and Alfie Dog Fiction. Her eBook, Personal Alchemy, is available on Amazon.

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