Stretch Recipes Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign To Reach Their Next Milestone, The MVP

Stret¢h Recipes announced the launch of their Indiegogo campaign on July 15, 2014 to assist them in reaching the next milestone of the app, the MVP.

Online PR News – 25-July-2014 – Austin, TX – Stret¢h Recipes announced the launch of their Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign on July 15, 2014 to assist them in reaching the next milestone of the app, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Stret¢h Recipes, a food app that will help the world eat better and save money without extensive planning, works by pairing your cash on hand or budget with delicious easy-to-make nutritional recipes. The app saves the customer money by maximizing food dollars by working within the budget parameters, easily generating shopping lists and recommending coupons based on those shopping lists, providing a wide variety and number of recipes, and by reducing food waste.
Stret¢h was created by Lauren Foster, the Founder, CEO/President, years ago when her younger brother came to live with her. “Cheetos, potato chips and ground beef changed my life. When my brother came to live with me, I couldn’t afford to feed him and as a result, he had to get food stamps. During his first trip to the grocery store, he exhausted his entire month’s budget on Cheetos, potato chips and ground beef.” After realizing that neither she, nor her brother, knew how to properly grocery shop on a budget, the idea to provide help to those in similar predicaments began to form.

In August 2013, Lauren came to the realization that to provide help to people by maximizing their dollar and giving them easy access to nutritional recipes would be best served by creating a mobile app. She later landed partnerships with both the SNAP program and food banks in Austin, Texas to ensure that the app would work for all budgets. In April 2014, she met CTO Ben Shank, and he immediately aligned himself with Lauren’s mission to form Stret¢h Recipes.
The app won the Audience Choice Award at the Austin Tech Crunch Meet-up and is now one of six finalists for the UnLtd USA incubation and mentorship program, which will provide a year of support and $5k of seed funding to the winner. Stret¢h also won tickets to Disrupt in San Francisco in September and would like to get their MVP ready before attending. Crowdfunding on Indiegogo will help them to reach their MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which will enable them to test their product with a large group to fine tune it and make sure it is ready and amazing when it is beta launched. The funds raised will cover
• Front-end design (UX and UI): The Stret¢h app is easy to use and intuitive. There is no clutter, no questions on how to use it or numerous questions asked before it works. We want to provide only the best experience for our users.
• Hosting Costs: Stret¢h has a database and algorithms designed to help our customer maximize not only their budget, but also the number of recipes that we can provide. Stret¢h needs hosting to ensure prompt delivery and zero down times.
• Content Creation: Great high resolution pictures of food make it more fun to browse recipes. Groceries and photographers are needed as licensing fees quickly add up.
• Marketing and Research: Contributors indirectly help us with our marketing by effectively telling us the most important answers - Who needs the Stret¢h app and wants it first?

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About Stret¢h Recipes
Formed in 2014, Stretch Recipes is on a mission to help everyone eat better and save more. Founded by Lauren Foster, Stretch is a food app that pairs your cash on hand or budget with delicious, easy-to-make, nutritional recipes and coupons. Stretch achieves this by maximizing the customer’s budget, generating shopping lists, recommending stores and coupons, providing a wide variety of recipes and reducing food waste. Available for Web, iOS and Android, the app has won the Audience Choice Award at the Austin Tech Crunch Meet-Up, is one of six finalists for the UnLtd USA incubation and mentorship program and won tickets to Disrupt this Fall. They have also been invited to showcase at the Alpha Summit, the World’s largest Tech Conference in November.


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