Scatter Mats Announces Competitive Pricing on their Artificial Grass

Scatter Mats has announced that their artificial grass will be reasonably priced as well as the prospect of offering new types of artificial grass.

Online PR News – 28-July-2014 – Perth, WA – Scatter Mats recently announced that the company would sell artificial grass which is of the highest quality yet competitively priced. The announcement came just last week when the online store announced the prospect of adding a number of new types of artificial grass to their line-up. The announcement comes days after a recent report showed that there was a growing trend of home owners in Australia as well as around the world who preferred to use artificial grass since it required a lot less care but felt every bit as realistic.

There is certainly no shortage of artificial grass being sold online. A recent survey showed that there are literally millions of stores selling artificial grass. However, just a handful of these stores were selling high quality and durable grass that felt and looked real. Many times the grass sold were cheap yet they were not of the highest quality. This is why unlike other stores in Australia Scatter Grass is taking a different approach by offering an array of different grass types which are of the highest quality yet competitively priced. According to the store this is going to be a great way for people to get their dollars’ worth.

“At Scatter Mats we were one of the first Australian stores to start selling artificial grass. Today, we are going to be one of the first to offer high quality yet competitively priced grass. Our objective is to provide buyers with the best value for money. If our past is anything to go by you can be assured of the fact that quality will always be top notch and this is something we do not want to comprise by selling low quality grass,” said one of the sales executives at the company. “Going forward we may add a number of different types of artificial grass, we are already working with a few different manufacturers but again while we are going to competitively price our artificial grass it will still be of the best quality.”

Scattermats Rug Warehouse is one of the most established online stores in Australia selling both artificial grass as well as rugs and carpets. Last year the company reported an upsurge in the demand for both artificial grass as well as their oriental carpets. According to some experts this upwards trend towards the highest quality is mainly because Australians are becoming increasingly conscious about the value of these things and they do not want to spend money on the low end. This is what has resulted in the sudden rise of demand within the country, a rise in demand which is up to leading online stores like Scatter Mats to fulfil.

People who want to buy the highest quality of artificial grass online can start by visiting Scatter Mats’ website: Also more information about the various mats and rugs sold by the company can also be found by browsing the site. Alternatively, people can also call up the company using the number on the website.

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